KIA Tigers began to recall painful memories. Foreign pitcher Mario Sanchez left behind his worst pitch since his KBO league debut.안전놀이터

Substitute foreign pitcher Sanchez joined the KIA last month. His debut match was shocking. On the 9th of last month, Sanchez played a good fight against the KT Wiz with 5 hits (1 home run), 10 strikeouts and 1 run in 6⅓ innings. Sanchez’s double kicking and unique fake check action also caught the eye.

Sanchez struck out 10 in the next game against Doosan Bears on the 21st of last month. But mistakes have multiplied. Hitting two home runs and contributing four runs. Sanchez suffered his first defeat as the team went 2-5.

It was getting darker and darker. On the 26th of last month, Sanchez was hit by 9 hits by the NC Dinos and gave up 3 points. The inning digestion was also reduced to 5 innings. Sanchez, who had 20 strikeouts in 2 games, had only 3 strikeouts that day.

Eventually, the thing we feared happened. Sanchez gave up 10 hits (one home run) and scored 7 runs while throwing 4 innings against the Pohang Samsung Lions on the 1st. His earned run average soared to 6.14, and his batting average exceeded 30% (0.301).

The opposing line is looking for a solution through a power analysis of Sanchez. On the other hand, Sanchez, whose pace is falling, urgently needs to make a breakthrough.

Still, the encouraging thing is that the control is stable. In 22 innings, he allowed only one walk. Pitching and game management that utilizes the ball, which is his strength, seem to be necessary.

KIA did not enjoy the effect of recruiting foreign pitchers in the first half of this year following last season. Ronnie Williams dropped out last year, going 3-3 with a 5.89 ERA in 10 games, and Sean Nolin, who only appeared in 21 games due to frequent injuries, was no different this season

. KIA parted ways with Sean Anderson, who did not play the first starting role, and Adonis Medina, who marked an ERA of 6.05.

KIA is trying to end the cruelty of foreign pitchers with Sanchez and Thomas Panoni, counterattack cards in the second half. Panoni, who joined as a substitute foreign pitcher for two consecutive years, is a proven resource. In three games this season, he had a good record of 1 win and 1.15 ERA.

The problem is Sanchez, who is not showing the intensity he had before his debut. He must quench the thirst of the tiger army.

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