Oh Se-geun’s performance made KGC laugh. 

Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation won 73-64 in a match against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball regular league held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 26th.

Oh Se-geun, the strong pillar of KGC, led the team to a come-from-behind victory with 18 points and 7 rebounds. In particular, it is Oh Se-geun who showed his presence by posting 12 points only in the 3rd quarter.

Oh Se-geun said, “I had a break, but there was a part I was worried about. If I took a long break, the team’s performance was not good. At the beginning of the day, I didn’t work on offense rather than defense, but fortunately, what worked well in the 3rd quarter led to victory. Above all, I was pushed back from the rebound in the first half. We came back to life in the second half and got a good win.”

Recently, KGC team captain Yang Hee-jong announced his retirement after the season. Oh Se-geun and Yang Hee-jong are franchise stars who led the team’s golden age by playing for KGC without a transfer since their debut.

Oh Se-geun said, “At first, I was surprised. I didn’t know. (Yang) Hee-jong and I talked to him, and the team atmosphere was on a winning streak and I liked it. Hee-jong and I played together for over 10 years, and we met since childhood in the national team. He was always with me through good times and bad times, and he served as a mental support, saying good things and even bitter things. When I said that I was retiring, I felt regretful.”메이저사이트

Regarding Byun Jun-hyeong, who is active as a KBL top guard this season, “He has been a good player and is a good player. Compared to last year, he gets a lot of free rolls and touches the ball himself, so he seems to be doing better. Last year (former) Seong-hyun There was also this, but this year, the time to catch the ball has increased,” he praised.

KGC, who happily caught the Korea Gas Corporation, moved to Japan and digested the schedule of the EASL (East Asia Super League). 

Oh Se-geun said, “There is such an expectation because a foreign player can play both. The problem of coexistence of the triple post does not seem to be a big problem because Omari Spellman is a player from the outskirts anyway. I intend to do as I am doing.” 

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