The third season of ‘IBK Industrial Bank of Korea Women’s Baduk Masters’ kicks off.

The 2023 IBK Industrial Bank of Korea Women’s Baduk Masters will start a three-month long journey, starting with the Ama selection held for two days on the 26th and 27th.

In the amateur selection, female research students belonging to the Korea Institute, top female amateurs, and amateur dancers will participate and compete for four tickets to the professional competition.

The IBK Industrial Bank of Korea Women’s Baduk Masters, which has completed the preliminary round, selects 12 finalists through a preliminary round with female professional players belonging to the Korea Kiwon and four finalists who have passed the preliminary round, starting on May 8.메이저사이트

In the final round, a total of 16 players, including winner Jeong Yoo-jin (3rd dan), runner-up Park Tae-hee (3rd dan), 2 sponsor seeds (undecided), and 12 qualifiers, will be selected as finalists through a tournament. The Round of 16 tournament will be held from June 1st to July 26th.

The third round of the final, which will determine the winner of the third tournament, is scheduled to be held in August, and from the quarterfinals of the finals, it will be broadcast live on Go TV every Wednesday evening.

In the IBK Industrial Bank of Korea Women’s Go Masters, which was launched in 2021, in the first competition, Choi Jeong, 9th Dan, ranked No. 1, beat Oh Jung-ah, 5th Dan, to become the first champion.

Last year, rookie Jeong Yoo-jin, 3rd dan, defeated defending champion Choi Jeong, 9th dan, in the round of 16, followed by a 2-0 overall victory over Park Tae-hee, 3rd dan, in the 3rd final, winning her first title since her joining.

The prize money for the 2023 IBK IBK Cup Women’s Baduk Masters, sponsored by IBK Industrial Bank of Korea and hosted and supervised by Korea Kiwon, is 30 million won, and the runner-up prize money is 12 million won. The time limit is 3 countdowns of 40 seconds per hour each.

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