“I wish everything would be different. Except for one… .”

Kim Kang-seon, the man who was nominated 8th overall in the 2009 KBL rookie draft and kept his place for 14 years. He has always been included in KBL’s dark history, starting with Orion’s night run, the club’s sale, and the Day One incident.먹튀검증

persevered and persevered. From the beginning to the end, Kim Kang-seon’s heart did not change. In the end, I held on with one mind that everything would be fine. Even so, the Day One incident shook even him who was like a mountain.

Kim Kang-seon, the man who was nominated 8th overall in the 2009 KBL rookie draft and kept his place for 14 years. He has always been included in KBL’s dark history, starting with Orion’s night run, the club’s sale, and the Day One incident. Photo = Provided by KBL
On the 12th, Kim Kang-seon, who met in Goyang, sighed, saying, “Can I laugh now?” Still, the smile he hadn’t seen in a long time was bright. Sono International, the holding company of Daemyung Sono Group, stepped up as a top-notch relief pitcher and brought out lost players, including Kim Kang-seon, from hell.

Still, I’m still not sure. As I have already experienced the Day One incident, I cannot be relieved if anything has not been confirmed. Due to the culprits who created this situation, such as Kim Yong-bin, chairman of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, Heo Jae, and Park No-ha, former CEO of Day One Sports, Kim Kang-seon and his players were suspicious.

Kim Kang-seon said, “Thankfully, the Daemyung Sono Group is helping, but he is still too early to be relieved. He’s on the 21st and when he gets approval from the board of directors, then he’ll be able to put everything down and laugh. It’s not at the final stage right now, so I’m just waiting.”

Looking at the current situation, the establishment of the 10th club seems to proceed without major problems. It is Sono International that showed a strong will, such as announcing early on that former Day One coach Kim Seung-gi and the coaching staff were appointed and continued as they were.

However, nothing has been decided, such as the team’s unique color and location. If the establishment of the 10th team is confirmed, the preparation process for a new start will slowly proceed from then on. Kim Kang-seon said, “I hope everything will be different,” and “It’s my personal opinion, but I don’t even want to see red uniforms (laughs).”

With KBL’s support, off-season training barely began. Currently, with the help of STIZ, the players are supported on the court with training uniforms and supplies, and their uniforms are somewhat unified. Even in the early days of training, it was as if you were seeing a rainbow, and everyone was not unified in training clothes and supplies of different colors. At that time, STIZ, who had a relationship with manager Kim and coaches since the days of KGC, helped the players by shooting in support.

Kim Kang-sun said, “To be honest, I didn’t want to wear or wear anything I received during Day One. I still have to train, so I used the old training supplies I received during my Orion days, or the ones I personally prepared, but looking at the images in the video or article, it seemed that this was not the case. At that time, he helped me at STIZ, and thankfully, I was able to look like a professional player.”

Due to Day One’s financial problems, there are many things that have not been resolved. Even the Goyang Auxiliary Gymnasium, where off-season training is held, still has the Orion mark in the center of the court. Fortunately, when the 10th club was established, I received an answer that this mark would be removed first. This is the part where you can see how serious a group Day One was and how prepared Sono International was.

Kim Kang-sun hopes that everything from 1 to 100 will be different. The wounds received from Orion and Day One for 14 years are too deep. But there was one thing I didn’t want to change. It was Goyang fans.

Kim Kang-sun said, “I received a lot of help from the playoffs last season. Even after the off season started, he gave me so many gifts every day, such as coffee, salad, and packed lunches. Even during training, he comes by at least twice a week to cheer. Tomorrow (the 13th), he said that Chobok had passed, and that he had prepared delicious samgyetang, so he asked me to come and eat it. Thank you so much and I’m sorry… “I’m cautious, but I don’t want to leave Goyang. There is only one reason. It is because there are Goyang fans who generously took care of and helped us when we were having a hard time. I have a great feeling that I have to repay them. That’s why I don’t want to leave.”

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