This is the current address of Ahmed Iqbairi, a foreign player at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. As of the 25th, Ikbairi scored 605 points, ranking second in the scoring ranking after Leo (OK Financial Group, 608 points). With a serve success rate of 0.479, he ranked 4th after Leo (0.944), Heo Soo-bong (Hyundai Capital, 0.524), and Lincoln (Korean Air, 0.500). However, the overall success rate of attacks is less than 50%.

Compared to other teams, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance makes up for the low height and blocking with the strong serve and scoring power of Ikbairi. However, since not all serves can lead to goals, Ikbairi’s solver instinct is inevitably more important. The chances of winning will inevitably increase only when there are many nutritious points from Ikbairi. Samsung Fire & Marine Manager Kim Sang-woo said, “It is true that the strength and height of domestic players are inferior to other teams, so the ball has to go up a lot to foreign players.” pointed out. He expressed regret, saying, “It is important to be active after 20 points, but you have to be strong at the beginning of the (set) to catch the flow, but there are many games that are dragged out because you can’t do that.” 안전놀이터

In the Woori Card match on the 25th, Ikbairi helped break the team’s 4-game losing streak by scoring 27 points, the most for both teams, including 4 sub-aces. In the close match at the end of the 4th set, consecutive serve scores were the highlight. However, after showing decisiveness at the beginning of the set, there was also a regret that crimes appeared one after another after the middle. Ikhbairi recorded 12 errors along with Liberman Agamez (Uri Card). Regarding Iqbairi’s performance that day, coach Kim said, “The attack wasn’t very good, but he contributed as a serve at a really important moment.” ” he commented. Ikbairi said, “It is the foreign player’s job to score after 20 points or when the team needs it at an important moment.” I am running while thinking about the instructions) as much as possible.”

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance’s task in the second half is to finish last. The victory in the Woori Card match narrowed the gap with 6th place KB Insurance, but there is still a long way to go. Ikbairi’s nutritious performance, which extracts points at every critical moment, is bound to become more desperate.

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