The ‘legend’ 먹튀검증 of the team personally showed that ‘if you do this, the team will be ruined’.

Villarreal lost 2-4 against Mallorca in the 22nd round of the Spanish Primera Liga in the 2022-23 season, which took place at Visit Mallorca Estadi on the morning of the 19th (Korean time).

Villarreal allowed Carderware to take the lead in the 20th minute. A minute later, a shocking incident occurred. Villarreal’s ‘living legend’ Manu Trigueros committed the assault. He punched Mallorca Rodriguez in the face with his right fist. Trigeros was sent off directly. It was a natural result.

It was the downfall of a legend. He has been playing for Villarreal’s first team since 2012 and has played in a total of 443 matches for a total of 11 seasons until this season. He is the most capped player in Villarreal history. He is also the main player in winning the 2021 European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa League.

A veteran and mental support, this player showed an ugly appearance and was sent off. He couldn’t control his emotions at the moment, so he resorted to violence. It’s an embarrassing moment. This is the moment when the status of Spanish traditional club Villarreal falls.

As a result, Villarreal was placed at a numerical inferiority. nonetheless prevailed. In the 43rd minute of the first half, Morales scored a goal to turn the game around. One minute later, Villarreal, who trailed 1-2 by allowing Rodriguez an additional goal, made it 2-2 again with Chuqueze’s goal in the 5th minute of the second half.

But I couldn’t stand it any longer. I couldn’t cross the limit of numerical inferiority. Mallorca scored Rodriguez in the 11th minute of the second half,

It is the aftermath created by the legendary assault situation. The legend became the cause of the defeat, and the legend harmed the team. It was a match ruined by Trigeros, who tarnished the name of the legend.

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