Men’s professional volleyball Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance laughed at Woori Card in a ‘back to back’ match. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance met Woori Card against their team’s last game in the 4th round ahead of the All-Star Game break. 카지노

It was a confrontation on the 25th of last month (January) at the Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon, the home of the match, and won 3-2 after a close match that went to a full set. And this time on the 3rd, we met Changchung as our first opponent in the 5th round at Jangchung Gymnasium, the home court of Woori Card.

On this day, Samsung Fire & Marine won against Woori Card with a set score of 3-0. With the victory on this day, it was the second consecutive win since the opening of this season and won two games in a row against Woori Card.

As director Kim mentioned, Ikbairi was different on this day. The attack was successful in a situation where points had to be scored, and Woori Card could hardly catch the chase flow. Ikbairi complied with an attack success rate of 55.5% that day.

On the other hand, Agamez (Colombia), who should play an active role as the main gun in Woori Card, only scored 8 points and the attack power rate remained at 31.2%. The difference in the performance of the main gun became the biggest reason for winning or losing.

Ikbairi said, “I lost too many matches until the 4th round. I will work harder and do my best to win as many victories as possible in the remaining 5th and 6th rounds.” Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance will challenge the team’s first 3 consecutive wins this season against No. 1 Korean Air at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on the 7th.

The protagonist of the victory is Iqbairi (Libya), the “main gun,” who scored the most with 22 points for both teams. In the match against Woori Card on January 26, he scored 27 points, the highest score for the two teams, contributing to the victory.

In the Woori Card match on the 3rd, Ikbairi also achieved the triple crown (29th this season, 250th overall in the V-League men’s division, and 3rd individual) with 9 points in the back attack, 3 blocks, and 4 sub-aces. In a meeting with the reporters who visited the scene after the game, he said, “It’s really the best because the team won.”

In the All-Star Game held on January 29th, Ikbairi won the Serving Contest, beating OK Financial Group’s Leo (Cuba), who was ranked as the first candidate to win. Ikhbairi said, “The All-Star Game and the regular season game may not be the same, but by winning the serve king, I gained more confidence in the serve, and above all, the serve entered stably.”

However, after joining Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Ikbairi did not play well at Jangchung Gymnasium until the last 4 rounds. He is a long-term jinx.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance coach Kim Sang-woo said, “I know that Ikbairi also played a little sluggishly at Jangchung Gymnasium.”

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