“I am confident.” Can Eddy (24), a young Mongolian, achieve his dream?

In January 2017, Eddie left Mongolia and came to Korea. As a volleyball player, he chose Korea after long consideration to grow into a bigger player. Afterwards, Eddie went through Suncheon Jeil High School and Sungkyunkwan University, dreaming of entering the V-League.

However, a crisis came to Eddie last year. He filled 5 years of residence in Korea for his naturalization last year. The purpose was to participate in the rookie draft through his naturalization. The conditions for naturalization have become more stringent. He had to obtain a permanent residence permit and reside for more than 5 years, as well as proof of income and tax payment. Sad news for him, who had no income due to his student status, and the same was true for Bayar Saihan.

But if you wait, the opportunity will come. As KOVO decided to introduce the Asia quota system for the first time in history, Eddie was able to enter the V-League. Eddy is showing his presence in the tryout held in Jeju Island. He can play the apogee spiker, outside heater, and position. He is also fluent in Korean and does not need to adapt to life in Korea. So he is mentioned as a top candidate.

Eddie, whom I met at the scene, said, “I was very nervous. He said, “A lot of players from various countries came, and I think I had a good experience.” “If you go pro, you can play any position. He can play with confidence once he gets to the V-League.” ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Eddy has a relationship with Samsung Fire & Marine Manager Kim Sang-woo. When he was a student at Sungkyunkwan University, he worked together. “’How is your body? He said, ‘Work hard’” was what Eddie said.

Eddie is entering his 6th year of living in Korea. He has no problem with Korean food either. Galbitang and Samgyeopsal, Eddy’s favorite Korean food. Even if he ends up in the V-League as a foreigner from the Asian Quarter, Eddie’s goal is to become a complete Korean through the naturalization test.

He said, “If I can change my nationality, if conditions are met, I want to try it. Later, he wants to go to the national team, but before that, he must have the skills to compete.”

Eddie continued, “The Asia Quarter is one of my goals and dreams for coming to Korea. I came to Korea 6 years ago, and I came to perform on the Korean stage. This time is an important time for me.”

Will Eddy be able to fulfill his dream of entering the V-League? From the 25th to the 26th, two practice games and interviews were held for two days, and the draft will be held at 3:00 pm on the 27th.

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