Royal Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales, who created controversy over a forced kiss, has no intention of leaving. There were even outrageous remarks.토토사이트

The incident happened on the 20th. Spain beat England 1-0 in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup final in Australia and New Zealand to rise to the top of the world.

At the award ceremony that followed, something unbelievable happened. Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Association, embraced Hermoso as he stepped onto the podium. It hasn’t been much of a problem so far.

But suddenly, President Rubiales held Hermoso’s face with both hands and kissed her. Later, in the locker room, Hermoso said, “I don’t feel good” when asked about it during a live broadcast through social media.

Major foreign media strongly criticized President Rubiales’ behavior, saying that it was sexual violence in a broad sense as it was physical contact without consent. It is known that Ruby Ales even joked in the locker room that Hermoso and Ibiza would get married.

According to the report of Spanish media ‘Lelevo’, Rubiales asked Hermoso to appear in the apology video himself. Naturally, Hermoso refused.

President Ruby Ales hastily posted an apology video in Doha, which was his stopover on his way back from Sydney to Madrid with his squad. In this video, he wanted to show Ermoso being forgiving.

“What we saw was an unacceptable gesture,” Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said at the Women’s World Cup victory celebration held at the official residence.

“The Spaniards did everything they could to win the title, but the president’s actions show that there is still a long way to go for equality,” he explained.

Spanish women’s football Liga F said, ‘Chairman Rubiales soiled the World Cup championship. “It’s an unprecedented international disgrace to Spain, Spanish sport and world women’s football,” and insisted that “he should be disqualified.”

Britain’s ‘BBC’ announced on the 24th that Hermoso and Footpro made a joint statement, saying, ‘We will not let (this case) go unpunished. “Steps must be taken to protect female soccer players from behavior we deem unacceptable.”

Eventually, the International Football Federation (FIFA) stepped in. On the 24th (Korean time), FIFA announced that ‘the disciplinary committee has notified the start of the disciplinary process for the incident that occurred to President Rubiales’. FIFA sees Rubiales as having ‘acts detrimental to the basic rules of dignified conduct and sport’.

The atmosphere inside Spain is also a mess. Spain was initially pushing to host the 2030 World Cup. Efforts were made to select a World Cup venue. The atmosphere was good as Spain won the World Cup. However, I think that the person who leads Spanish football has damaged the image of Spanish football.

According to Spanish media ‘Marca’, ‘the resignation of President Rubiales will be announced on the 25th. There has been no official announcement yet.” While President Rubiales was conveying his intention to leave the federation to a close person, it was said that the fact was leaked to the Spanish media, but it was not.

On the 25th (Korean time), the global media ‘BBC’ reported the chairman’s remarks. The chairman said, “I will not resign,” and made an absurd remark, saying, “Social assassination is taking place.”

He continued, “I am prepared to be criticized for defending my ideals. I apologize without hesitation, but I don’t have to face this situation where I’m accused of being the culprit.”

He made even more outrageous remarks about forced kisses. “It was a spontaneous kiss. Mutual happiness and agreement. That’s what matters. I will fight to the end,” he added.

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