Hyundai Mobis’ Kim Tae-wan visited his alma mater, Korea University, to cheer on his teammates.

Korea University won 62-45 against Yonsei University in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League at Hwajung Gymnasium on the 25th. KU remained unbeaten and in sole possession of first place.

As is typical of the best rivalry in college basketball, the game attracted some of the biggest names in the game. Players, coaches and basketball officials such as Lee Jung-hyun (Samsung) and Choi Sung-won (KGC) were in attendance, including head coach Cho Sang-hyun and commissioner Lee Kyu-seop.

Kim Tae-wan, who wore a Hyundai Mobis jersey last year as a third-year student at KU, also visited his alma mater to support the team. After the game, he exchanged greetings and congratulated his teammates Park Mubin and Moon Jung-hyun.메이저놀이터

“I would like to say that they all played hard and did a good job, and it was especially touching to see (Park) Mubin and (Moon) Jung-hyun play, and in the back of my mind, I felt a sense of regret that I couldn’t be with them,” he said.

Of KU’s four 20-year-olds, Kim Tae-wan and Lee Doo-won entered the professional ranks through early entry last year, while Park Mubin and Moon Jung-hyun remained in the university ranks to lead KU’s rise. Although they are no longer wearing the same jersey, Kim Tae-wan expressed his affection for his teammates.

“Moo-bin and Jung-hyun are being called the biggest names in this year’s draft. I think they deserve it. I believe that they will do well in the professional stage, and I want to tell them that I am always supporting them from behind,” he said.

But as close as they were, they didn’t forget the whip. “I think Jung Hyun-i will be a better player if he improves his speed and three-point shooting, and Moo Bin-i needs to improve his strength. I also realised the importance of strength when I played against my brothers in the pros,” he said, handing over the whip and ending the interview.

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