Jeju United’s ‘murderous expedition’ also has an end in sight.

Jeju is gradually waking up from sluggishness. Jeju’s ups and downs at the beginning of this season also play a part in injuries and murderous away roads. Due to the geographical characteristics of Jeju, the expedition route is arduous. In particular, the schedule for this three-game series is particularly tough.

Jeju departed from the clubhouse on the 7th and went on an expedition to Gangwon FC in the 6th round. It is only 40 km from Jeju to Seogwipo. I got off at Gimpo Airport and moved to Chuncheon by bus. It takes about 4 hours. Fortunately, Jeju defeated Gangwon 1-0 and recorded their first win of the league season.

And after the game, Jeju moved back to Changwon for the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup 3rd round Changwon City Hall. Since it is a midweek game, it is a series of moves without a break. I chose the bus from Suwon to Changwon. The distance from Chuncheon to Changwon is 386 km. Focusing on recovery, Jeju defeated Changwon City Hall 2-1 before extra time. 안전놀이터

And Jeju will move again on the 13th for the 7th round against Suwon Samsung. This is a bus again. A Jeju official said, “We considered moving to KTX, but gave up and chose the bus due to frequent transfers.” The distance from Changwon to Suwon is 341km.

When the Suwon exhibition is over, Jeju moves back to Gimpo and takes a plane to Jeju. Fortunately, it was a 2:00 p.m. game, so I didn’t have to stay overnight. The final destination is the clubhouse. The total bus travel distance alone is 999km to return. The air travel distance increases even more.

Moreover, the wounded are joining one by one. Midfielder Lee Ki-hyuk already accompanied the team, and midfielder Lee Chang-min played a comeback match in the FA Cup. Defenders Lim Chae-min and Ahn Hyun-beom are also set to return. Coach Nam Ki-il had tears in his eyes during a broadcast interview after the match against Gangwon. It is rumored that Nam shared the joy of the first win of the season with the players in the locker room. The head coach of the team also shed tears.

It also means that the entire team worked hard. Jeju will be given a one-week break after the Suwon match. We will face Jeonbuk Hyundai at home on the 23rd. First of all, Jeju won two precious victories amid the crisis of a series of injuries and a murderous expedition. If you win the match against Suwon, you will create a turning point that will happen again with the joy of winning streak.

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