Jeonbuk, a prestigious club that was the first to win five consecutive championships in the K-League, has recently fallen into a serious slump, falling to ninth place.

Angry fans are taking action such as refusing to cheer and even insisting that coach Kim Sang-shik resign.

Reporter Park Seon-woo reports.


Last weekend’s game against Suwon FC, Min-kyu Song’s absurd mistake and conceding a goal in the final was a symbolic scene showing the reality of Jeonbuk.

In the past, the word ‘dakgong’ puts the heart of the defender who was with Jeonbuk’s heyday heavy, as they fell to 9th place in the league with 2 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses against poor offensive power of 7 points in 7 matches.

[Lee Yong/Suwon FC : “I think I have a bit of a sad heart. Because it’s my favorite team, and the team I love is in a bad mood, I think I have that kind of heart on the one hand.”] An angry fan facing the falling Jeonbuk 먹튀검증

. Shim is getting stronger enough to demand the resignation of director Kim Sang-shik and CEO.

[Jeonbuk fans: “Kim Sang-sik (coach) get out! Kim Sang-sik (coach) get out!”]

During the game, the away fans cheer louder as the home fans refuse to cheer.

The club is only increasing the backlash by responding to cheering songs using sound devices.

[Soundbite Kim Sang-sik/Jeonbuk Manager: “As a manager, I feel a sense of responsibility and a big sense of apology because Jeonbuk Hyundai’s current position does not meet fans’ expectations.”]

Tired fans want a change, with the point that the support system at the front desk collapsed after the appointment of CEO Heo Byung-gil, and constant criticism toward manager Kim Sang-sik for poor strategy.

This is Park Seon-woo from KBS News.

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