UFC flyweight Korean female fighter ‘Fire Fist’ Kim Ji-yeon (33) has fallen into a pit of five consecutive losses. The 2-point deduction for the foul acted as a decisive blow.

On the 14th (Korean time), Kim Ji-yeon lost to Mandi Böhm (33, Germany) in the technical split decision (27-28, 28) in the ‘UFC Fight Night: Rosenstruk vs. Almeida’ undercard match held at the Charlotte Spectrum Center in North Carolina, USA. vs. 27, 27 vs. 28).

As soon as Ji-yeon Kim started, she took the lead in the game, driving her opponent to Groggy with an overhand right hook. If she hadn’t been deducted, she would have won the match by Kim Ji-yeon.

In the end, she was deducted for emotionally reacting to the battle of nerves that lasted before the match, which led to her defeat. Ji-Yeon Kim was indignant before the match, saying that after she canceled her match on February 5 due to an allergy problem, she did not give an explanation or apology. She was also upset when her bohem crossed her leg in a ground-breaking situation in the second round.메이저놀이터

Her heightened emotions led to the foul play. After the second round, Kim Ji-yeon nervously kicked her in the abdomen as the bohem, which was in the top position on the ground, fell. The referee decided that it was an intentional foul, so she declared her penalty to Kim Ji-yeon. In her third round, she landed a knee kick to the head while Boehm was on the ground with one hand, resulting in an immediate ground knee foul.

She protested that she couldn’t continue the match, saying she couldn’t see her left eye after her knee kick hit her. The referee stopped the game and declared a deduction for Kim Ji-yeon again, and after entering the technical judgment based on the contents of the game so far, Ji-yeon Kim drank her high.

Meanwhile, in the main event, ‘Brazilian monster’ Xyleton Almeida (31, Brazil) defeated Jairzinho Rosenstruk (35, Suriname) with a rear naked choke in the first round.

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