The Korean women’s volleyball team, led by coach Cesar Hernández, has fallen into the swamp of three consecutive losses in the 2024 Paris Olympics qualifying round. But she expressed hope. They performed well against ‘European powerhouse’ Germany by playing a close match with a full set. He lost two sets first, but did not give up and made up for it, taking the game to the fifth set. 토토사이트

Korea lost to Germany with a set score of 2-3 in the third match of Group C of the 2024 Paris Olympics qualifiers held at the Atlas Arena in Łódź, Poland on the 19th (Korean time). It didn’t start well. They lost the first set 13-25. They fought closely in the second set, but lost due to a lack of courage. They fell behind by conceding consecutive goals at 18-18, and eventually fell behind 21-25. It seemed like a shutout loss. 

But I didn’t give up. The Taegeuk Girls, who were ahead by 1-2 points at the beginning of the third set, were blocked by the opponent’s blocking and lost 13-15. After steadily pursuing until the second half of the set, they succeeded in coming back to 22-21. Dahyun Lee’s score brought the set to 24-23. There was a reversal in the 4th set as well. After a seesaw game, it ended up being 16-19. However, they immediately scored 3 points to tie the game, and Lee Han-bi’s attack made it 21-20. Afterwards, they traded points to take a 23-22 lead, and Kang So-hwi’s consecutive points closed the set at 25-22.

In the 5th set, Lee Joo-ah took the lead with the first point. However, he struggled from the middle of the set. The attack was blocked due to the opponent’s blocking, and even an error was made, and they fell behind 6-9. In the second half of the set, concentration dropped even further, dropping 5 points from 7-10 and suffering a bitter defeat. Kang So-hwi and Lee Han-bi, who played as outside heaters, scored 18 and 15 points, respectively, but their shine faded as the team lost. However, all players displayed their fighting spirit and won two sets, clearly showing improvement compared to before. 

Due to the defeat on this day, Korea lost all three of its first three games, following the match against Italy (0-3 loss) and Poland (1-3 loss). The fourth game will be played against the United States on the 20th. Germany rose to the top with three consecutive wins.

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