I expected a lot that the national team’s promotion would be of great help to the KBO League box office, but rather the worst situation happened. Concerns are rising that the sluggish performance of the national team will take a direct hit on the box office in the KBO League.

The coaches of the 10 KBO League clubs generally refrain from commenting on the national team’s sluggishness in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), revealing only theoretical thoughts at the level of “regrettable”. I think that various comments will not be of much help to the national team, which is already suffering a lot. However, it is clear that the failure of this tournament can damage the team. It is because of the psychology or physical condition of the national team players.

The national team players started training earlier than usual and pulled themselves up for the WBC. Whatever the result, it shouldn’t be blamed for that either. After joining the national team here, they had to achieve something faster than their routine to focus on the competition. And while fighting fiercely, he consumed a lot of stamina.

In particular, pitchers adapt to the situation of the national team, so there are players who have a schedule that is far from their routine. In the case of Won Tae-in (Samsung), he was a starting resource, but he played in many games, and players like Kim Won-joong (Lotte) and Jeong Cheol-won (Doosan) struggled by taking attendance stamps. Park Se-woong (Lotte) went back and forth between starting and bullpen. On the contrary, many players were unable to throw a lot of balls, and the phenomenon of pitching was severe.

Players who need to rest should rest, and players who have not pitched much in the national team should improve their condition according to the season. The KBO League is now in the stage of building a real game as the demonstration game has begun. Some representative players may not be able to hit the normal number of pitches until the opening game. 메이저사이트

In the case of KIA, which welcomes Yang Hyeon-jong and Lee Eui-ri, such a case, they plan to return home on the 14th, take a day off on the 15th, and train in Gwangju from the 16th. Pitchers who go to the demonstration game now are usually digesting 50 to 60 pitches in 3 to 4 innings, but the two players who were used as bullpens are not enough to keep up with this. For the time being, it is a plan to raise the number of pitches and condition rather than appearing in demonstration games. This is not much different from other players such as Koo Chang-mo (NC) and Kim Yun-shik (LG).

Most of all, it is also important to straighten the shoulders of players who are drooping. The players who participated in this WBC, which will be remembered as the greatest disaster ever, are physically and psychologically very exhausted. They have already received a lot of criticism, and even if they think about it, they have shown disappointing performances, so there is no way they can feel comfortable.

So, the KBO league coaches hoped that the national team would achieve good results, that players would return to their teams in a good mood, and that energy would continue to flow at the beginning of the season. However, the situation was reversed. First of all, the worries of the teams who have to play the league somehow are growing.

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