Woori Bank has accomplished a great feat.

Asan Woori Bank defeated Busan BNK Some 64-57 in the third game of the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball Championship held at the Sajik Indoor Gymnasium in Busan on the 22nd. With all three wins, he won the combined championship in five years after the 2017-2018 season.

Kim Jong-un (180cm, F) showed off the dignity of a veteran. He led Woori Bank’s attack with five 3-point shots and a 3-point success rate of about 83%. And Park Ji-hyeon (183cm, G) supported Kim Jong-un’s scoring ability with active movements in a wide area. Woori Bank, which combines the best and newest forces, completed the 11th great business.

1Q: Asan Woori Bank 18-9 Busan BNK Sum: Tough move

[BNK-Woori Bank 1Q major record comparison]
– Number of successful 2-point shots: 5-3
– Points scored in the paint zone: 10-4
– Success rate of 2-point shots: 62.5%-25 %
– Number of successful 3-point shots: 2-0
– Success rate of 3-point shots: about 29%-0% (number of attempts: 6)
– Rebound : 10-9 (attack 3

After training ended on the afternoon of the 22nd, “Soccer and basketball have something in common. It is the dynamics created by bumping into the body. It is also true that you cannot take the initiative without a physical fight.”
Woori Bank was hit hard from the start. It was both offensive and defensive. In particular, he was active in fighting for a rebound. Although there were a lot of fouls, he cut the early flow of BNK well.
Kim Jong-un (180cm, F) and Park Ji-hyeon (183cm, G) led the attack, and Kim Dan-bi (180cm, F) played the airlift control tower well. And Choi Yi-sam (182cm, F) peaked. It’s because he took away BNK’s spirit with a buzzer beater.

2Q: Asan Woori Bank 38-33 Busan BNK Sum: Chase, but…

[BNK-Woori Bank 2Q key record comparison]
– Score: 24-20
– Number of successful 2-point shots: 6-4
– Success rate of 2-point shots: about 67 %-Approximately 57%
– Number of successful 3-point shots: 4-4
– Success rate of 3-point shots: approximately 57%-50%

 * All in front of BNK

Park Jeong-eun, coach of BNK, said during training on the afternoon of the 22nd, “Our team went through several crises. That’s right. However, it seems to have overcome the crisis better than before. The same goes for the championship match. It doesn’t seem to collapse as easily as before,” he said, talking about the changed BNK.
BNK has definitely changed. You have the strength to overcome the crisis. In particular, the first leg of the championship match was like that. It was because they pursued it even when the defeat was dark. “BNK has definitely become stronger than before. I was embarrassed,” he said, receiving rave reviews.
The second quarter was the same. In the first quarter, it was once pushed to 3-13, but it narrowed the score with Woori Bank with regional defense and quick attacks. Lee So-hee (170cm, G), the main gun, and Kim Si-on (175cm, G), the sixth man, scored three points. BNK threatened Woori Bank 33-36.
However, Woori Bank did not give flow to BNK. Danbi Kim, who caught the ball 4 seconds before the end of the second quarter, quickly approached the BNK rim and quickly gave the ball to Lee Sam Choi, who was located in the right corner. Choi Yi-sam, who caught the ball, attempted a jumper. Lee Sam Choi’s jumper went through the rim. The buzzer sounded at the end of the second quarter. It was the second butter beater, so the power Woori Bank gained was great. On the other hand, the rise of BNK seemed to have subsided.

Why Woori Bank is strong. This is because there are many veterans who have gone through prenatal battles. Kim Jong-un, the oldest member of the team, is one of them.
Kim Jong-un dominated the early part of the third quarter. He broke down BNK’s area defense with a 3-point shot. Two successful 3-pointers from the front. Thanks to this, Woori Bank led 48-33 in 1 minute and 55 seconds from the start of the 3rd quarter.
Kim Jong-un’s capabilities did not shine only in attacks. The true value of Kim Jong-un came from defense and rebounding. He showed an eye for BNK attacks and concentration on boxing out. This is the driving force behind Woori Bank’s superiority.메이저놀이터
Because the veteran set an example, the new generation (?) was also able to gain strength. Park Ji-hyun was like that. I got a lot of foul free throws with bold attack attempts, and I relieved the physical burden of my sisters with active movement and ball delivery. Because the new and old were harmonized within the court, Woori Bank was able to finish the third quarter with a double-digit score. Only one step left in the V11.

4Q: Asan Woori Bank 64-57 Busan BNK Sum: V11

[Woori Bank wins first championship in 5 years]
V1. 2003 Summer League Champion Match (vs Samsung Life Insurance): 3 Wins 1 Loss
V2. 2003 Winter League Championship Match (vs Samsung Life Insurance): 3 Wins 1 Loss
V3. 2005 Winter League Champion Match (vs Samsung Life Insurance): 3 Wins 1 Loss
V4. 2006 Winter League Champion Match (vs. Shinhan Bank): 3 Wins 1 Loss
V5. 2012~2013 Champion Match (vs Samsung Life Insurance): 3 wins
V6. 2013~2014 Champion Match (vs. Shinhan Bank): 3 Wins 1 Loss
V7. 2014~2015 Champion Match (vs KB Stars): 3 Wins 1 Loss
V8. 2015~2016 Champion Match (vs Hana 1Q): Record deleted due to illegal participation in Hana 1Q
V9. 2016~2017 Champion Match (vs Samsung Life Insurance): 3 wins
V10. 2017~2018 Champion Match (vs KB Stars): 3 wins
V11. 2022-2023 Champion Match (vs Busan BNK Some):

Woori Bank was ahead with 3 wins and a double-digit score difference. However, there was an element of anxiety. The point is that Park Hye-jin (178cm, G) did not explode. This is a factor that can adversely affect Woori Bank’s attack flow.
However, Park Hye-jin did not continue to explode. The reason why Woori Bank played on thin ice with a difference of 9 to 11 points. In particular, 4 minutes and 16 seconds before the end of the game, they were chased by 59-53.
Park Ji-hyun replaced Park Hye-jin. She hit a three-run run with 3:58 left in the game to make it 62-53. 3 points that have a decisive influence on the game. Park Ji-hyun also held a ceremony as if he had intuition.
But the remaining time was long. Woori Bank’s task was to hold out for the remaining time. I did my best until the last assignment. The long, long season has come to an end. The result was ‘V11’.

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