Kim Kyung-pyo (31) has emerged as a player to watch in the Japanese mixed martial arts world with his impressive first victory in a major tournament.

On the 1st, Kim Kyung-pyo subdued Usami Sho Patrick (22) with a choke technique called Rear Naked Choke in 3 minutes and 33 seconds from the start of the Rizin 41 lightweight (-70kg) match held at the Central Gymnasium in Osaka City, Japan (capacity: 10,000). made it

Raijin is tied to ▲UFC ▲Bellator ▲Professional Fighters League (above USA) ▲ONE Championship (Singapore) and five major mixed martial arts organizations. Data Media ‘AI Catch News’ April 1 ‘Raijin’ Keyword Internet trend analysis data, Kim Kyung-pyo’s victory in the match against Usami was the second hot topic online in Japan.

UFC, the world’s No. 1 event company, launched Road to UFC in 2022, an Asian mixed martial arts prospect contest that qualifies winners of tournaments by weight category. In the first season, Kim Kyung-pyo fell in the lightweight semifinals and Usami in the quarterfinals.

The two also have a relationship with 2022 Road to UFC winner Anshul Jubli (28, India). Kim Kyung-pyo lost to Juvely in the semifinals by a decision of 1-2. Usami was disqualified from participating in the quarterfinal match against Juvely due to her failure to lose weight.

Even though it was a match between fighters aiming to advance to the UFC, the difference in skill was clear. Japanese mixed martial arts group DEEP Shigeru Saeki (54) appeared on the YouTube content ‘Martial Arts of the Month News’ on the 5th and praised Usami for defeating Usami, saying, “There is no Japanese who can beat Kim Kyung-pyo (in the same weight class).”

Usami is a bronze medalist at the International Boxing Association World Youth Championship -69kg and a silver medalist at the Extreme Karate World Youth Championship. This is why Kim Kyung-pyo’s victory is more recognized. 메이저사이트

After debuting in mixed martial arts, Kim Kyung-pyo won 1 win in 6 overseas competitions ▲ 2015 RINGS ▲ 2017 GLADIATOR ▲ 2018 Shooto ▲ 2019 HEAT (above Japan) ▲ 2016 MFP (Russia) ▲ 2020 UAE Warriors (UAE) earned each

Active in 4 countries, including ROAD FC and AFC in Korea ▲Lynx title challenger Asami Ryo (38, Japan) ▲MMA Super League Tournament 2nd place Haoran Jeter Bootsby (China) ▲Pancrase champion Kota Yamashita (34, Japan) ▲ Shooto Pacific Rim Champion Devana Takashi Daro (38, Japan) ▲Max Fight title challenger Vitor Tofanelli (38, Brazil) ▲Pancrase (Japan) title challenger Tong Santos (38, Brazil) ▲Janjuecheong Tournament winner Arthur Topanelli (35, China) defeated the same strong player.

Among the lightweight fighters currently available for Ryjin, there are Japanese who have achieved results in major overseas organizations, such as Yachi Yusuke (33, Bellator 1 win) and Eto Kimihiro (35, One Championship 4 wins, 2 losses).

If Kim Kyung-pyo challenges Ryjin in earnest, there will be enough matchups between Korea and Japan to be an issue. This is one of the meanings of the highly praised Japanese mixed martial arts giant, Saeki.

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