I caught 10 strikeouts before my debut. He seemed to foretell the birth of a powerful ace. However, double kicking and squat control became an issue, and he was stressed, and finally complained of elbow pain. KIA Mario Sanchez (29)’s ‘Tigers Dream’ is not easy.토토사이트

KIA effectively kicked out the ambitious foreign pitchers Sean Anderson and Adonis Medina. And left-handed finesse pitcher Thomas Panoni, who was the de facto ace in the second half of last year, was called back. Here, Panoni’s pairing was definitely unique.

KIA put a lot of effort into recruiting Sanchez, who was playing in Taiwan. As expected, Sanchez pitched overwhelmingly with 5 hits, 10 strikeouts and 1 run in 6⅓ innings against KT on July 9th. At the time, it showed its competitiveness properly against the KT lineup, which was raising momentum.

It didn’t stand out much, but it showed off a unique appearance of actually pitching from the left side of the mound while stepping on the pitching board on the first base side as if stepping on the right foot. The outside slider and sweeper against right-handed hitters were very powerful. He doesn’t have a fast ball, so this kind of strategic display could be appreciated.

However, even before his debut, double kicking and squatting were controversial. The appeal of KT coach Lee Kang-cheol came out immediately. Since then, it has been a daily routine for Sanchez to observe and appeal to the opponent’s pitching form and habits every time he starts. At this time, it is said that Sanchez’s mind was complicated by giving slightly different interpretations to each referee. In fact, Sanchez said, “I still haven’t fully adapted” right after the Gwangju Hanwha match on the 25th.

It was concluded that no double kicking was done. don’t actually However, in the case of squat control, the KBO referees interpreted that if a certain motion was not continued, it would be judged as a balk. On the 25th, I was pointed out for balk once in Hanwha. It was said that after taking a squat stance, he had to open his shoulders once toward first base, but he did not do it and immediately checked it.

Apart from this, he definitely had difficulties against left-handed hitters. It’s not the style of being beaten, but the run average increased in the 1st and 2nd crises, and the ERA was not well managed. He couldn’t even last a long inning. So, in his most recent game on the 25th, he pitched 7 innings, 2 hits, 6 strikeouts, 2 walks and 1 run.

Even though we faced Hanwha, who had a poor batting line flow in the second half, it was a game that could be a kind of turning point. However, after that, his blade fell. After the game, he informed the club of elbow discomfort, and as a result of cross-checking in Gwangju and Seoul, damage to the medial collateral ligament of the right elbow and impingement syndrome were found.

3 weeks of rest and injection treatment is required. After that, when his condition improves, he will build his body again through bullpen pitching and follow the schedule to return. The worst situation was avoided, but it seemed to add anxiety to the starting lineup, which already had big and small difficulties. If you add issues such as Eui-ri Lee’s temporary break and selection for the Asian Games, now the KIA selection team has to run an alternative selection about once a week.

Apart from this, Sanchez’s Tigers dream is very tough. After playing in Taiwan, he entered the KBO league at a higher level and strengthened his will to succeed, but it did not work out as he wished. 4 wins, 2 losses, 5.28 ERA in 8 games. Not good grades. However, if he returns at the end of the season and has an accident in the postseason, he can be remembered as an all-time great man

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