Manager Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool are showing the worst trend ever this season. There is a player who makes Klopp happy. who is it Surprisingly, the player is not from Liverpool. He is a ‘rival team’ player.

Liverpool will play against Manchester United at Anfield, their home ground, on the 6th. Unlike Liverpool, United are riding the best rise of late. After lifting the championship cup in the Carabao Cup, it clashes with Liverpool.

Ahead of this match, Klopp praised Man Utd, saying, “Man Utd has been producing results in every game recently. They are producing results like a machine. They are winning with really good performances. They are showing the best football.”먹튀검증

Manager Klopp evaluated that Marcus Rashford’s performance was an important part of the driving force behind Manchester United’s rise. Rashford is the player who makes Klopp happy.

Klopp said: “It is impossible for a Liverpool manager to be happy when he sees Manchester United being positive. But when I see Rashford, I’m really happy. Rashford didn’t play at the quality and level he has last season. It’s a very difficult time. suffered,” he said.

“I knew the tide would change with Rashford, but I knew he would need a little more time. It takes a lot of time to understand that things change. But he’s playing amazing right now. Rashford’s speed, technique, and Mixed competitiveness, it’s really amazing.”

Lastly, Klopp said, “How calm Rashford is in front of the goal. He scores in easy situations, scores in difficult situations, and scores with his head. He is scoring all kinds of goals.”

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