Professional football K-League 1 Daegu defeated Daejeon 1-0 and won the first two games in a row.

Seoul and Jeju, who clashed for second place, could not decide the winner.

Professional soccer news, reporter Jung Joo-hee.


During extra time in the first half, Daegu Ko Jae-hyeon hits a Daejeon defender and deflects the ball into the left corner of the goal.

Ko Jae-hyun, who scored his 5th goal of the season and scored in two consecutive games, shared the joy with Sejingya, who returned from injury.

Daejeon, trailing 0-1, launched an onslaught in the second half.

However, Lee Jin-hyun’s free kick was blocked by the goalkeeper, and Joo Se-jong’s scissor kick also missed the goal.

At the last minute, Ju Se-jong was sent off due to the accumulation of warnings, and Daegu was unable to open the goal.

Daegu won their first two games in a row this season with a 1-0 win over Daejeon.

<Koh Jae-hyeon / Daegu FC> “You’re the king of Daegu, because the king is back. Thanks to Sejingya, I think I can play well because I have more space…” There was no winner in the battle for second place between Seoul and Jeju스포츠토토


In the 34th minute of the second half, Jeju’s counterattack situation, Ahn Hyun-beom broke through Seoul’s defense with a solo breakthrough from the right flank.

Jonathan, who received a pass stabbed by Ahn Hyun-beom, scored the opening goal with a calm shot.

Four minutes later, Seoul scored a comeback goal.

Willian shook the net past the goalkeeper in a scuffle in front of the goal.

As a result of the video review of the collision scene with the goalkeeper, it was recognized as a goal.

Gwangju drew 1-1 with Incheon, falling into a 7-game winless swamp.

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