Moroccan fans thanked Korea for holding Germany back.

The women’s soccer team, led by coach Colin Bell, recorded a 1-1 draw in the final group stage match of the 2023 Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup against Germany held on the evening of the 3rd (Korean time). At the same time, Morocco won 1-0 against Colombia and dramatically advanced to the round of 16.

In fact,안전놀이터 in the final match of Group H that day, all four teams, including Korea, had a chance of advancing to the round of 16. Conversely, neither team has been confirmed to advance to the round of 16. However, considering only the possibility, Korea was the least likely team to advance to the round of 16, and Germany was in an advantageous situation in which a victory would virtually confirm the round of 16.

Morocco was also in a situation not very different from Korea. After winning against Colombia, Korea had to draw at least with Germany to advance to the round of 16. If Germany beat Korea, Morocco was in a desperate situation where it would have to win an impossible-to-realize victory to advance to the round of 16.

However, in the end, Morocco won 1-0 against Colombia, and both teams were tied with 6 points, but Colombia advanced to the round of 16 as top of the group ahead of -4 Morocco with a +2 score. If Germany had beaten South Korea by only one goal, Germany could have topped the group. It is the same as Colombia or Morocco with 6 points, but it is overwhelming in terms of goal difference. However, the conclusion was a 1-1 draw and they were eliminated in 3rd place in the group.

Morocco was in a situation where Germany would be eliminated if Germany defeated Korea. The aftermath of the 0-6 defeat to Germany in the first game was so great that it was difficult to overcome the goal difference. However, as Korea drew against Germany, Morocco advanced to the round of 16 for the first time in the World Cup.

A Moroccan fan said on the Korean Football Association’s Instagram, “Thank you on behalf of the Moroccan fans,” and “I love Korea and Korea is our champion.” Another fan left a message saying, “I appreciate and respect Korea.”

In addition, many Moroccan fans expressed their gratitude by leaving a message say

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