The Korea Volleyball Federation signed an official apparel sponsorship contract with Mizuno Korea, a global sports brand, for a total of four seasons, from the 2023-2024 season to the 2026-2027 season.

As a result, professional volleyball referees, game scorers, and officials will receive all of Mizuno’s clothing, shoes, and supplies, and male and female players participating in the All-Star Game will also participate in the game wearing uniforms and training clothes manufactured and supplied by Mizuno.

Mizuno, which has become an official sponsor of professional volleyball through this contract, plans to support a variety of clothing and supplies so that professional volleyball can operate in the best environment.체스카지노

In addition to volleyball, Mizuno has accumulated know-how and technology by sponsoring various sports and players such as soccer, golf, and track and field for a long time.

The federation plans to continue collaboration with Mizuno to deliver various and unique pleasures to volleyball fans.

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