‘Billiards Emperor’ Frédéric Coudron (Belgium, Welcome Savings Bank) and Javier Palazon (Spain, Huons) and other foreign powerhouses succeeded in advancing to the round of 16 on the PBA Tour side by side.

Kudron won a set score of 3-2 against Ko Do-young in the PBA round of 32 of the 2nd tour of the 2023-24 season of the professional billiards 2023-24 season at Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do on the afternoon of the 7th and won a ticket to the round of 16. .

Palazon,안전놀이터 who achieved ‘perfect cue (complete all the points necessary to win a set in one cue)’ in the round of 64 and earned 10 million won in prize money, continued his upward trend by defeating Myeong-gyu Park in the round of 32, and Rufi Chennet (Turkey, High1 Resort ) caused a stir by overpowering ‘Korea’s strongest’ Jaeho Cho (NH Nonghyup Card).

In the round of 32 held at a different table, the performance of foreign players stood out.

Vietnamese players such as Maminkam (NH Nonghyup Card), Eddie Leppens (Belgium, SK Rent-A-Car), Birol Wimaz (Turkey, Welcome Savings Bank), and Sawash Bulut (Turkey) advanced to the round of 16.

Meanwhile, in the women’s LPBA quarterfinals held earlier, a match was completed between ‘Cambodian Express’ Throng Piabi (Blue One Resort) and Lim Jeong-suk (Crown Haetae).

In the LPBA quarterfinals, Throng defeated rookie Jang Hye-ri with a set score of 3-1, and Lim Jeong-suk also defeated Kim Da-hee with a set score of 3-1.

Throng and Lim Jung-sook met again 4 months after the semifinals of the SK Rent-A-Car World Championship, the last tour of last season.

In terms of career record, Throng leads with two victories.

Throng and Lim Jung-suk, who have now won 5 wins each in their LPBA career, can become the sole 1st place with the most wins in the LPBA if they win this tournament.

In the other quarterfinals, Yong Hyeonji (High1 Resort) advanced to the quarterfinals by defeating ‘Billiard Empress’ Kim Gayoung, and Kang Jieun (SK Rent-A-Car) also defeated Jiwoo Jeon.

On the 8th at 12:30 p.m., the PBA round of 16 will be held, and at 5:30 p.m., the LPBA semifinals will begin.

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