In the women’s division of the ‘Dodram 2022-2023 V-League’, Suwon Hyundai Engineering & Construction, which has kept the lead since the opening, lost the lead in about 100 days due to the’injury bad news’ that it met in the middle of the season.메이저사이트

Hyundai E&C (61 points), which fell into the swamp of three consecutive losses for the first time in the recent season, fell to second place, two points behind Incheon Heungkuk Life Insurance, who won a shutout victory over the lowest-ranked Gwangju Pepper Savings Bank on the 15th. This is because, following the back injury of leading striker Yasmin, Kim Yeon-gyeon, who was the core of the defense, left the team due to an ankle injury.

To make matters worse, Hwang Min-kyung, who has been doing well in both offense and defense, is unable to play in the second game due to back pain, and even Go Ye-rim is in a bad knee condition. With the exception of Hyo-jin Yang, Da-in Kim, and Da-hyun Lee among the starting players, the cracks came gradually as key resources left, which eventually led to the departure of the lead.

As a substitute for Yasmin, the former Colombian national team received an emergency blood transfusion with Bone Montaño, but has yet to taste his first individual V-League victory as he shows ups and downs. The team fell into a swamp of three consecutive losses for the first time in the season. The ‘injured ward’ Hyundai E&C’s concern is that the attack power and receiving efficiency have declined, but the biggest problem is the recently increased number of rooms.

Hyundai E&C has been dishonored for the most crimes for three consecutive years since the 2018-19 season. Even last season, when manager Kang Seong-hyung took the helm, it was not good as second place, but thanks to its powerful firepower, it did not stand out. This season, the number of errors has significantly decreased, and even until the 4th round, the number of accumulated errors has stabilized to 5th out of 7 teams.

However, the number of errors in 4 games in the 5th round increased rapidly to 84, one less than the lowest ranked Pepper Savings Bank (85), to rank second. It is self-destruction with an average of over 20 errors per game.

Behind the scenes, there is also a reason why Montaño, who played two games after entering the country on the 5th and had no time to match with domestic players on the 10th against Pepper Savings Bank, made 6 and 8 mistakes, respectively. Even so, 24 and 28 errors in the last two games were the direct cause of losing the lead by falling into a swamp of three consecutive losses.

Hyundai E&C has many good back-up resources to play as starting players in other teams, such as Jeong Ji-yoon, Hwang Yeon-joo, Jeong Si-young, Na Hyeon-soo, and Kim Joo-ha, despite the line injury of the main players. However, the problem is that he is unable to show good skills and makes mistakes in line with the recent team atmosphere. In order for Hyundai E&C to regain the lead and rise to the championship, it is urgent to shake off its impatience and regain stability.

That share belongs to manager Kang Seong-hyung, who must take care of the players so that they can overcome the crisis by minimizing errors and stable ball distribution by Da-in Kim, the setter.

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