Lee Hee-jin (25, Cheongyang-gun Office) won her first match this season against her long jump rival Yu Jeong-mi (29, Andong City Hall) by 7 cm.

Lee Hee-jin jumped 6m13 in the long jump finals of the KBS Cup National Athletics Championship held at Yecheon Stadium in Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 7th, beating Yoo Jung-mi, who recorded 6m06, and won the championship.

Recently, the most difficult event to predict the first place in Korean track and field is the women’s general long jump.

If Heejin Lee and Jungmi Yoo compete at the same time, the top two can be predicted, but who will be first cannot be known until the sixth period is over.

On this day, Lee Hee-jin and Yoo Jung-mi shared 1st and 2nd place.

The two are also competing for records in good faith.

Lee Hee-jin jumped 6m44 at the National Track and Field Championships on June 22 last year, surpassing Yu Jung-mi’s personal record of 6m37 at the time by 7cm, and rose to ‘Korea’s 3rd place’.

On July 6 of the same year, Yu Jung-mi overcame 6m46 at the 2022 Goseong Unification National Unemployment Track and Field Championships to regain her 2022 season’s first place and Korea’s third-place finish.

The Korean record for women’s long jump is 6m76, set by Jeong Sun-ok in 2009, and the second place record is 6m53 set by Kim Soo-yeon in 2006.

As the competition between Lee Hee-jin and Yoo Jung-mi ignited, hopes for breaking the 14-year-old Korean women’s long jump record grew.

First of all, in this year’s first confrontation, Lee Hee-jin, who is ranked 4th in Korea, defeated Yoo Jung-mi, who is ranked 3rd.메이저사이트

This tournament also serves as a qualifying round for the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Lee Hee-jin was selected as the ‘priority candidate for representative selection’ with the victory that day.

Yu Jung-mi, who finished second in the women’s 100m with a time of 11.99, also placed second in her main event, the long jump.

In the men’s triple jump rivalry, Kim Jang-woo (Jangheung-gun Office) defeated Yoo Gyu-min (Iksan City Hall).

Kim Jang-woo jumped 16m37, pushing Kyu-min Yoo, who was 16m19, into second place.

Kim Jang-woo and Yoo Gyu-min are also competing in good faith, challenging the Korean record for men’s triple jump (Kim Deok-hyun 17m10).

Kyu-min Yoo held the 2nd place record in Korea with a height of 16m82, and Jang-woo Kim ranked 3rd with a height of 16m78.

At the Asian Indoor Track and Field Championships held in February, Yoo Kyu-min finished third with 16m73 and Kim Jang-woo finished fifth with 16m39.

In outdoor games held in Korea, Kim Jang-woo ran farther than Yoo Gyu-min.

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