“I talked about having fun with my sisters, but it led to good results”. 

Rookie of the year Lee Yoon-jung (setter) made a big contribution to Korea Expressway Corporation’s advancement to the championship match. 

Korea Expressway Corporation defeated Hyundai E&C with a set score of 3-0 in the second round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Playoffs held at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 25th and advanced to the championship match. Lee Yun-jeong contributed to the team’s victory by correctly posting 42 out of 104 sets that day. 

In an interview with KBSN Sports after the game, Lee Yoon-jung said, “I talked to my sisters to have fun, and it led to a good result. I am very happy because it is my first championship game, and I will prepare hard for the next game.” 

In the first spring of her debut, she went to volleyball, but her nervous appearance was nowhere to be found. She said, “There was nothing to be nervous about the playoffs. It feels good that it went well as usual,” said Lee Yun-jung. When asked about the difference between the first and second games, she replied, “There was no big difference. I think it was good that I wanted to win.” 

Lee Yoon-jung usually talks to director Kim Jong-min often. He said, “I always talk a lot with the director. 

The existence of a reliable veteran who has both her experience and skills is a great source of strength for Lee Yoon-jung. He said, “(Lim) Myeong-ok and (Bae) Yuna tell us a lot of stories.  스포츠토토

What will you show in the championship match? Lee Yoon-jung concluded the interview by saying, “I talked a lot about enjoying it more when I go to the championship match with my sisters. If you do that, good results can come out. I will work harder and prepare better.” 

Director Kim Jong-min, who is usually stingy with praise, also poured out praises with a bright smile when the story about Lee Yoon-jung came out. 

Meeting with the reporters after the match, he said, “The players did well with concentration from the first set. In the beginning of the second set, the receive was a little shaken, but I overcame it well. After winning the second set, I thought that I could focus a little on the third set. Especially (Lee) Yun-jeong. I was surprised to see this. You did very well.” 

Head coach Kim Jong-min, who said, “I’ll see if Lee Yoon-jung’s liver is big,” ahead of the postseason, said, “I did very well as a first-time player in spring volleyball. I think my liver is big. If he manages to do better in the battle of numbers, he will become a better setter.” 

Manager Kim Jong-min also added, “Lee Yoon-jung was not nervous and hardly faltered. He maintained a poker face by himself during the first and second games. I want to praise him for that.”

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