The ball will not be able to stand on the court for the rest of the season after all.

The Chicago Bulls announced on the 22nd (Korean time) that guard Lonzo Ball will not play for the rest of the season.메이저사이트

With his tall height, wide field of view, passing ability and defense, Ball was considered a big prospect early on. Ball, who joined the Lakers as the second pick in the first round in 2017, suffered a bit of sluggishness at the beginning of his debut, but slowly burst into his potential. Especially during his New Orleans days, he made up for his shooting weakness and turned it into his strength.

Ball, whose value was recognized, took on a new challenge by signing a four-year contract with Chicago ahead of last season. With Ball as the starting point guard, Chicago, along with Dermar DeRozan and Jack LaVine, built a formidable force and at one time ran to the top of the Eastern Conference.

But Ball’s NBA career was hampered by a knee injury in mid-January last year. Chicago also lost its sense of stability and faltered when the ball, the field commander, fell out.

Ball, who did not make progress in recovery easily, could not return to the court even though he underwent two surgeries. He is a ball who has not played in a single game yet this season, let alone failed to play in the playoffs last season.

Manager Billy Donovan was also unsure about the timetable for Ball’s return. Reporter Joe Crowley of the ‘Chicago Sun Times’ reported in early February, “Chicago club, medical staff, and Lonzo Ball still don’t know the cause of the knee pain. Ball has received at least six opinions.”

Ultimately, Ball, who until recently had not come close to returning, decided to end the season early. Since his debut, he has been struggling with injuries all along, but it is the first time he has spent a season without playing a single game. 

“Ball’s focus will continue to be on addressing the pain and making a full return next season,” the Chicago team said in an official statement.

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