Los Angeles Angels Mike Trout’s affection for Ohtani Shohei is real.

Trout openly asked Ohtani, who becomes a free agent after this season, to stay. Trout said in an interview with local media in Tempe, Arizona, where spring training is being held on the 16th (Korean time), “I would do anything if Ohtani could stay here.”

According to USA Today, 온라인바카라 Trout had a 15-minute interview that day, and all but 12 seconds were spent talking about Ohtani.

Ohtani, who receives an annual salary of 30 million dollars this year, will be free for the first time after advancing to the major leagues after the season. Regardless of whether he is traded during this season, he is expected to hit the free agent market unconditionally.

In that case, it is being talked about strongly that he will sign the first $500 million contract in the history of the major leagues. Coincidentally, Trout’s biggest contract ever in Major League Baseball is a 12-year, $426.5 million contract signed in March 2019. It’s okay for Ohtani to exceed his ransom record, so it’s like a town hall asking the Angels to “please stay.”

Trout’s focus on Ohtani’s retention is for the team’s performance. The Angels have not made it to the postseason since 2014. Trout’s only fall baseball season was the 2014 Division Series against the Kansas City Royals. Of course, Ohtani, who joined in 2018, has never played fall baseball in the major leagues.

“Personally, I think it was a better season than last year, but the team’s results are disappointing,” Ohtani said in an interview when he arrived in Japan in October of last year. “The races in August and September felt especially long. I didn’t play well. I feel very negative about this season.”

Trout couldn’t have known this either. Trout explained, “We have to win a lot this season to get into the playoffs. I think that will make a big difference.”

He then emphasized, “We have to go to the ground to win. Certainly we are a good team,” and then, “I’m sure you all know that. It’s already been six years since I played with Ohtani. But we didn’t make the playoffs. Losing “It sucks. We don’t like to lose. If there’s ever a year we make the playoffs, it has to be this season.”

Regarding Ohtani’s retention, Angels owner Art Moreno expressed his confidence. “I want to have Ohtani close by,” he recently told New York Post columnist John Heyman exclusively. Our payroll is in the top 10. It’s not impossible (to sign with Ohtani).”

The Angels put their efforts into strengthening their power this offseason. Starter Tyler Anderson, closer Carlos Esteves, infielders Gio Urshela and Brandon Drury, and outfielders Brett Phyllis and Hunter Renfro have reinforced their power evenly throughout the pitching.

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