<Appearance: Professional volleyball player Han, Korean Air player>

This season’s men’s professional volleyball season ended with Korean Air’s ‘three consecutive victories’, winning the regular league and championship match for three consecutive seasons.

Korean Air opened a new dynasty by winning the ‘Treble’, which means winning all the regular leagues, championships, and cups in one season.

A player who made all of this possible, ‘Athlete Han Seon-su’, was invited.

Hello, player Han.

<Question 1> How have you been since the season ended? There must have been a lot of physical exhaustion, but are you okay?

<Question 2> Korean Air achieved the feat of winning three consecutive championships. It is the second record in men’s history after Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. How do you feel about writing new history while leading the team as captain?

<Question 3> You received your second personal championship MVP for your outstanding performance in the championship match. After the victory was confirmed, there were tears in your eyes. How did you feel at that time?

<Question 4> Following the new history of the team, you personally made a mark in the history of volleyball. You received 19 out of 31 votes in the press vote, so you won the MVP for the first time as a setter in the regular league. I think you will have a different feeling.

<Question 5> It seems that you have become a person who can inspire new hope to junior setters. Do you have any advice for your juniors?

<Question 6> When you won the MVP at the age of 38, you became the oldest MVP ever. I’m also curious about how he takes care of himself. He also revealed that he wants to play until the age of 42, but is that still valid?

<Question 7> He even laughed when he said to Jung Ji-seok, a junior team member, “I want you to focus more on volleyball.” 온라인바카라

<Question 8> He said he wants to continue playing for the national team. What does the Taegeuk mark mean to player Han?

<Question 9> Apparently, the results of the men’s volleyball team’s international competition have not been good recently. Shall we say that it is a solution to the men’s national team’s sluggishness that player player Han thinks? What would it be?

<Question 10> The other day, you already set the goal of achieving 4 consecutive victories for the first time in Korean Air’s history. If there are any other personal goals for Han, I would like to hear about them.

<Question 11> Lastly, would you like to say something for Korean Air and volleyball fans?

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