Pro baseball NC Dinos and pro soccer Gyeongnam FC, both based in Gyeongnam, are cruising at the beginning of the season.

NC Dinos became the first team in the league to reach 10 wins, competing for the lead, and Gyeongnam FC also took the lead again amid an undefeated streak after the season.

Reporter Song Hyun-joon on the sidewalk.


NC Dinos’ blast is fierce.

NC, which was classified as an underdog before the start of the season, is competing fiercely for the lead by being the first to reach 10 victories in the harmony of pitching and old and new.

Based on their strong organizational skills, they do not back down even in matches against strong teams.

[Soundbite] Kim Joo-won/NC Dinos : “The players are all working together to keep the atmosphere intact even if they lose, and they try to raise the atmosphere in the dugout or on the ground…” On the mound, foreign pitcher Pedy leads the starting lineup with a strong pitch


[Peddy/NC Dinos: “The season is long, so I hope that the fans will support us and continue to do well, and I hope that we can go to the playoffs.”] However, foreign pitcher Widener and batsman Martin, and new homemaker Park Se-hyuk and their best judges

. Injuries to key players such as Park Seok-min, who are aiming for .

NC, which has recently faltered with two losses, will start a pride match against Lotte in Changwon from today (21st) in the Nakdong River Derby.

Professional football Gyeongnam FC has been undefeated in 7 games since the opening.

4 wins, 3 draws, 15 points. 카지노사이트

They pushed Anyang and climbed back to the top of the K-League 2.

The performance on both sides of the ball is also stable.

Gyeongnam, who scored 13 goals and conceded 4 goals in 7 games, is 2nd in league scoring and 2nd in least goals.

This is a picture of overcoming the chronic defensive anxiety that held back last season.

In addition, foreign players such as Castro and Glayson have melted into Gyeongnam, and it is evaluated that the player base such as Seol Hyun-jin and Mo Jae-hyun, following veteran Ki-jong Won, has also become thicker.

On Sunday, the 23rd, Gyeongnam will start hunting for points again in the away game against Chungnam Asan, which is 7th in the league.

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