The Major League Baseball (MLB) Oakland Athletics have passed a major hurdle in their quest to relocate to Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Nevada State Senate approved a bill that would provide $380 million for the Athletics’ new stadium in Las Vegas, ESPN reported on Thursday.

Despite the controversy surrounding the use of taxpayer dollars to build a new stadium for the Athletics, owned by billionaire John Fisher, the Nevada Senate passed the bill with 13 votes in favor and eight against.스포츠토토

The Senate, which originally debated the bill, improved it to require the Athletics to allocate suites in the new stadium to the community and to donate $1.5 million annually to a homelessness fund.

If the Senate bill passes the 42-member Nevada Assembly with a majority vote and is signed by Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo, MLB owners plan to approve the Athletics’ relocation.

The Athletics, who have been based in Oakland, California, since 1968, purchased a new stadium site near the Las Vegas Strip in April in preparation for their move to Las Vegas.

The Athletics plan to build a retractable dome with a capacity of 30,000 fans and hope to break ground next year and complete the move in 2027.

The Athletics, whose roster has been weakened by the sale of several key players, have struggled mightily this season, going 18-50. Angry Oakland fans opposed the move, demanding that Fisher sell the team instead.

At the Oakland Coliseum, home of the Athletics, Oakland fans wore “SELL” T-shirts, held signs, and staged a mass action demanding that Fisher sell the team.

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