Is Neymar knocking on the British stage?

British media ’90min’ reported on the 17th, 토토사이트 “Neymar talked about the possibility of contracts with English Premier League (EPL) teams.”

He added, “Neymar’s agents actually talked to Manchester United, Newcastle United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea and informed them of their desire to transfer to the EPL and the possibility of a transfer.”

Neymar drew attention when he left Barcelona for PSG in August 2017 for a transfer fee of over 200 billion won.

However, his life was not always smooth. He received a lot of criticism, such as being on the cutting board for his insincere training attitude.

Recently, as the atmosphere that PSG wants to dispose of Neymar is detected, the transfer rumor is expected to gain momentum.

In particular, rumors of discord with Neymar have been raised with Kylian Mbappe, and it is predicted that being on the verge of being eliminated after losing to Bayern Munich in the Champions League round of 16 could also play a decisive role in the transfer.

In this situation, as the owner of Chelsea and the chairman of PSG are said to have set up a negotiating table over Neymar, the possibility of an EPL transfer has been raised.

Neymar has decided to part ways with PSG. Along with this, it seems that he is looking for possibilities while hoping to transfer to the EPL stage.

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