The San Diego Padres and the Chicago Cubs suffered a no-hitter loss when Kim Ha-seong was away.

San Diego lost 0-4 in an exhibition game against the Cubs held at the Peoria Sports Complex in Peoria, Arizona on the 4th (Korean time).메이저사이트

San Diego was unable to record a single hit against the Cubs lineup that day, and became the victim of a no-hitter.

According to ‘’, it is the first time since the Los Angeles Angels recorded a no-hitter in a Major League exhibition game on March 24, 2017 against the Seattle Mariners.

San Diego didn’t hit base until Jake Cronenworth walked in the fourth inning.

Jose Ajoca attempted a surprise bunt in the 6th inning, but was blocked by the opposing pitcher’s hobi. Jackson Merrill hit a missed ball to right field, but was blocked by right fielder Jonathan Perlaza’s rain.

The Cubs started with Justin Steele shutting off two perfect innings, and Javier Assad, Brad Boxberger, Adbert Alzolai, Jeremiah Estrada, Cam Sanders and Nick Buddy combined for a record.

He gave up 5 walks, but at the same time struck out 7 and kept it scoreless.

You can comfort them by saying, ‘It’s just an exhibition match’, but being hit with a no-hitter probably isn’t very pleasant.

San Diego coach Bob Melvin said in an interview with local media such as ‘’, “It was the first night game at the camp, but it was the same for the opponent. It’s just a test match. However, being a no-hitter is never a pleasant thing. He smiled and said, “I shouldn’t have gone home.”

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