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The Korean National Team finished the U20 World Cup in fourth place.

The players were disappointed but said it was a moment without regrets and that it was just the beginning.

Park Jae-woong is the reporter.안전놀이터

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We couldn’t leave the stadium easily.

But we had no regrets because we were together.

[Lee Young-joon/U-20 National Football Team]
“Even if we regret it, it’s a result that we can’t go back to…so I hope that all of our friends can have a more guilt-free game .”

[Kim Ji-soo/U-20 National Team]
“First of all, our 21 players, including Seung-ho, have come this far, and we really have and learned a lot…”

Captain Lee Seung-won, who was awarded the Bronze Ball, also shared the honor with his teammates.

[Lee Seung-won/U-20 National Soccer Team]
“I don’t think I did it alone, but all of my players worked hard and were rewarded… I would like to give my players a sense of togetherness with this award, even if there is no medal or trophy.”

Kim Eun Joong-ho wrote the myth of the fourth place with his strong organization despite losing possession in every game.

It means more because the team shined as a whole rather than a specific player.

[Jung-ho Kim/MBC commentator]
“I saw all the players, first of all, Lee Seung-won, who scored a goal, Bae Joon-ho, Lee Young-joon, all of them…but I thought that we reached the quarterfinals as an organization, not as individuals, so I thought that the whole team was the best.”

For the players, this is not the end, but another beginning.

[Kim Ji-Soo/U-20 National Team]
“I think everyone shined here… We’ll go back to Korea and work hard for our respective teams.”

[Bae Joon-ho/U-20 National Football Team].
“I think I still have some work to do to prove myself in the league, so I’ll do my best back home.”

[Kim Eun-joong/U-20 National Soccer Team Head Coach].
“I hope that when I go back to my team, I will fight and win more competitively than I did here, so I hope to play a lot of games and see a lot of people playing on the field.”

I’m Park Jae-woong of MBC News.

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