Ansan Greeners FC (owner Lee Min-geun) has completed the formation of a coaching staff to lead the team with coach Lim Jong-heon for the 2023 season.온라인카지노

Head coach Lim Jong-heon, head coach Kim Jeong-woo, coach Lim Yu-hwan, coach Song Han-bok, GK coach Kim Moon-gyu, and coach Kim Dae-yeol will be with the Ansan Greeners for the 2023 season.

First, head coach Kim Jeong-woo, a former national team player (6 goals in 71 matches) and a total of 237 K-League games (37 goals, 17 assists), assists coach Lim Jong-heon. As a player, head coach Kim Jung-woo was active not only in the K-League (Ulsan, Seongnam, Sangju, Jeonbuk), but also in overseas stages such as Japan, UAE, and Thailand.

Afterwards, he started his leadership career as Incheon United U18 (Daegeongo) coach in 2020, and showed his potential as a leader by winning the high school division championship in the first year of the National Sports Festival and finishing third in the K-League Junior League before and after. Kim Jeong-woo, who started his first career as a professional leader in Ansan in 2022, will accompany Ansan this year as well as last year.

Coach Lim Yoo-hwan, who left a significant mark in the K-League, debuted in the Japanese league and played in Jeonbuk, Ulsan, and Busan. He was the center of Jeonbuk’s first league championship in 2009 and 2011, and is a defender who opened Jeonbuk’s heyday by helping Jeonbuk win the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) in 2006. This time, he starts his first career as a leader in Ansan and begins his second life as a leader.

Coach Song Han-bok is a veteran who made his professional debut at Ulsan Hyundai in 2003, went through Gwangju Sangmu, Jeonnam, and Daegu, and played for 15 years until retiring at Cheonan City Hall (National League) in 2017.

Coach Song, who started coaching at Cheonan City Hall (2017-2020) after his retirement, made his first career as a professional team leader in Ansan in 2021, and returned to Ansan this season.

Goalkeeper coach Kim Moon-kyu started as a GK coach at Seong High School, went through Gyeongnam FC U18 and Daejeon Citizen U18, and served as Ansan Greeners U18 GK coach for four years from 2019 before joining the professional team GK this season. He has accumulated know-how by directly coaching various players from youth teams to professional teams.

Coach Dae-Yeol Kim stayed in Ansan for 4 years from 2019 and played professionally. Kim Dae-yeol, who started his first career as a coach by coaching players as a professional team coach in Ansan this year, is expected to serve as a ‘bridge of communication’ between the team and the coaching staff as a young leader.

Head coach Lim Jong-heon said, “The coaches are doing their part well, both individually and as a team. All of the coaching staff are not only young and capable coaches, but also coaches who can actively communicate with the players, so it is reassuring to be with them this season.” I will prepare well as a team and show the performance of Ansan.”

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