This is the ‘captain’ look of the 1st place team.

The first half of professional baseball LG was flawless. With 49 wins, 2 draws and 30 losses in the season, he took a win rate of 0.620 and proudly took the lead. The ride with second place SSG is 2.5 games. If the current pace continues, the solution to the long-cherished project of winning the Korean Series for the first time in 29 years will become a reality.체스카지노

All of the touts are solid. They both rank first with a team batting average of 0.285 and a team ERA of 3.61. Because the simple but difficult proposition of ‘hit well and block well’ was made ‘true’, the title of ‘winner’ naturally followed.

Oh Ji-hwan, the captain of the twin corps, is at the center. Celebrating his 15th season at LG, he became the Twins’ captain after Kim Hyun-soo from last year. He leads the team with responsible leadership and good performance. He is batting .261 for the season (62 hits in 238 at-bats) with 2 home runs and 36 RBIs. Compared to last year, the figure has dropped slightly, but considering his brilliant clutch ability and defensive ability as a shortstop who commands the infield defense, his presence is still evident.

Oh Ji-hwan smiled brightly, saying, “It feels good to finish the first half in first place.” He continued, “I also thought that it would be nice to win 50 wins at least. However, this is not the realm of computation. Rather, it meant to prepare well for the future. The fact that the first half ended with two consecutive losses will be a good opportunity and timing for the team to settle their minds,” he added.

He also did not forget to thank his colleagues. He said, “I am always grateful to the team. He said, “I have always expressed regret for missing first place in the regular season by two games last year. But the players didn’t give in to him. Everyone tried to run for the team rather than individual performance. The results have come out so far,” he emphasized.

Oh Ji-hwan of LG is taking a commemorative photo at the All-Star fan signing event. Photo = Newsis

The second half goal is simple. This will lead to the regular season championship. LG won the pennant race in 1994, when it succeeded in winning the last Korean Series, and went directly to the Korean Series. This is why the upcoming full-scale ranking race is important.

Oh Ji-hwan said, “I hope everyone takes good care of their bodies so there are no injured players in the second half. Also, I hope that the starting team will work hard to secure their place.” He also brought out a captain-like reliable comment, saying, “It would be nice if the younger players took their places so that LG can produce good results not only this year but also for the next few years.”

Until the end, only the team is in my mind. He said, “The time has come when finishing is important, when we have to run more in earnest. “Personally, I want to hit more decisive shots that help the team win. There were few homers in the first half, but I didn’t hit them because I wanted to. I will work in the second half with the direction of the team’s victory,” he raised his voice.

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