Sweeping all three of the most important individual titles is commonly referred to as the ‘Triple Crown’. The batting average, home run, RBI, and the pitcher are the most wins, ERA, and strikeouts.

It is not easy to win one title,안전놀이터 but the difficulty of winning all three titles can be guessed by putting off. In the case of a hitter, there is a conflict between home run and batting average, and a pitcher needs a little luck in that he must also receive support from his teammates in the case of multiple wins. In fact, even in the long history of the major leagues, there are few examples of ‘triple crowns’. So it’s worth more.

In the case of the hitter’s ‘triple crown’, only four players have achieved it since 1950. Mickey Mantle in 1956 (New York Yankees, hereinafter affiliated team at the time), Frank Robinson (Baltimore) in 1966, Carl Yastrzemski (Boston) in 1967, and Miguel Cabrera (Detroit) in 2012 are the main characters. In the 21st century, only one Cabrera has accomplished this feat. Since then, several candidates have put out a challenge, but there was no case where they wanted to be ‘a waste’.

Pitcher ‘Triple Crown’ came out relatively little more. Even in the 21st century, Randy Johnson (Arizona) in 2000, Yohan Santana (Minnesota) in 2006, Jake Peavy (San Diego) in 2007, Justin Verlander (Detroit) in 2011, Clayton Kershaw (LA Dodgers) in 2011, Shane Bieber (Cleveland) in 2020 ) obtained this title. However, it is clear that this is a difficult record to achieve.

It’s hard to achieve on one side, but it doesn’t make sense to achieve on both sides. This is more so in modern baseball, where the division of pitch and hit is clear, and it was close to impossible in baseball in the early 20th century, when the division of pitch and hit was a little lighter than it is now. However, there is a player who can ‘at least’ challenge this impossible task of ‘double triple crown’. The main character is Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels), who caused the pitching and hitting syndrome in the major leagues and modern baseball. In the first place, there is no candidate other than Ohtani.

It can be said that it is a nonsense story, and it is not very likely at this point in reality. However, if you look at the current indicators, you have room to get close to it depending on the remaining season results. It may be the only opportunity in Ohtani’s baseball career.

Ohtani, who has already been evaluated as having secured the American League Most Valuable Player (MVP) this year, is challenging the triple crown as a hitter. Home runs (39) are the first, far ahead of Lewis Robert (Chicago White Sox, 29), who is second. RBIs (81) are second only to Adolis Garcia (Texas, 85). It is a range that can be overtaken enough. The most difficult batting average (.307) for Ohtani also ranks third in the league. Although there is a slight gap, there is a possibility if the scenario where 1st and 2nd places fall and Ohtani rises meets.

Pitchers are a bit more difficult. Currently, Ohtani is tied for 8th in wins, 4th in strikeouts and 12th in earned run average. However, in the case of multiple wins, there is room to catch up with a two-win gap, and there is room to narrow down the strikeout rate depending on the number of future appearances by Kevin Gaussman (Toronto). The average ERA is the largest, but it is a number that changes quite a lot even in one game, such as a shutout or a large number of runs. If Ohtani works hard to get into the 2-point range, this could also be a possibility.

Of course, Ohtani is the first player in major league history to achieve such a high level of performance in both pitcher and hitter categories. Summarizing the current performance, it should be seen that as a hitter, he can challenge MVP, and as a pitcher, All-Star is a player who is producing enough possible results at the same time. In the recent free agent (FA) market, it costs astronomical money to recruit each player similar to this record. The prospect that Ohtani will become the first $500 million player can be found in this record as well.

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