The 2023 Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) women’s free agent (FA) was truly a big move. Now, the nomination of the compensation player remains.

The 2023 KOVO Women’s FA ended on the 22nd. Na Kyung-bok, who moved from Woori Card to KB Insurance, had only one transfer in the men’s team, while the women’s team moved in a chain.

The first to announce the news of the transfer was Pepper Savings Bank. Recruiting Park Jung-ah from Korea Expressway Corporation and Chae Seon-ah from KGC Ginseng Corporation succeeded in reinforcing the outside heater. The next day, Daeyoung Jeong returned to GS Caltex from Korea Expressway Corporation, leaving only two players on the winning team.

It didn’t stop here. Hwang Min-gyeong, who played an active role as a main player as well as a captain at Hyundai E&C, made a nest at IBK Industrial Bank, and in the last news, Kim Su-ji moved the team from IBK Industrial Bank to Heungkuk Life Insurance.

Among the transfers of five players, three A-class players (Park Jung-ah, Hwang Min-kyung, and Kim Su-ji) were transferred. When a B-class player transfers, only 300% of the previous season’s annual salary is compensated, and no compensation player is required.

On the other hand, when a Class A player transfers, 200% of the previous season’s annual salary and 1 player designated by the FA player’s original club among the 6 protected players other than the club’s protected players, including the FA recruited player for the year, is compensated The transfer fee of 300% of the annual salary of the previous season must be paid, and in this case, the method of compensation is determined by the original club.메이저놀이터

Korea Expressway Corporation can nominate a compensation player to Pepper Savings Bank, Hyundai E&C to IBK Industrial Bank, and IBK Industrial Bank to Heungkuk Life Insurance. However, in accordance with Article 9, Paragraph 5 of the Korea Volleyball Federation Free Agent Management Regulations, the order of the clubs selecting the players presented as compensation has priority over the contract date, and if the contract date is the same, it is determined in the reverse order of the previous season’s performance.

Therefore, since Hwang Min-kyung’s contract is earlier than Kim Su-ji’s, IBK Industrial Bank will give a compensation player and reinforce it afterwards.

Each team has weaknesses in each position. Korea Expressway Corporation is a middle blocker without Jung Dae-young, Hyundai E&C is an outside hitter with Hwang Min-kyung and Go Ye-rim, who seems difficult to join the new season due to injury, and IBK Industrial Bank of Korea needs reinforcement of Kim Su-ji’s middle blocker.

The presentation of six protected players ended at 12:00 on the 23rd. Now, only the decision of the original club remains. Who will be the players who will change their uniforms?

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