With the slogan of ‘Liveable Yeongdong, United Chungbuk’, about 4,000 athletes from 11 cities and counties participate to share friendship and compete with each other.메이저사이트

Five sports, including badminton and gateball, were held in advance last month, and from this day, 26 sports, including soccer, table tennis, and bowling, will be played.

At the opening ceremony held at the Yeongdong County Sports Complex at 5:00 pm on the same day, provincial governor Kim Yeong-hwan, provincial council chairman Hwang Young-ho, provincial sports chairman Yoon Hyun-woo, and each mayor, county head, and local councilor attended and encouraged the athletes.

As a pre-ceremony event, a Nanta/Pungmul performance was held to increase the excitement, followed by a drone art show, a Korean traditional music LED media performance, and a performance by popular singers.

Yeongdong County Mayor Jung Yeong-cheol said, “Yeongdong County and its citizens have prepared the competition in order to comfort and unite the citizens who are tired of Corona 19.”

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