Sports brand ‘PUMA’ announced on the 5th that it will sign an official partnership contract with Formula 1 (F1), a motor sports event.먹튀검증

Puma plans to release F1 brand clothing, shoes and accessories in the future, as well as products for F1 fans.

Puma Korea also entered into a partnership with the domestic racing team ‘Korea AtlasBX Motorsport’.

AtlasBX, which includes top players such as Kim Jong-gyeom, Cho Joo-woo, and Choi Myung-gil, has ranked first in the season for three consecutive years since 2017, and is a team that also lifted the championship trophy in 2021 and 2022.

Starting with the partnership with AtlasBX, Puma Korea plans to work hard to expand the base of the domestic motorsport industry.

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