“The marathon using a treadmill is a unique event with a clear distinction that is difficult to find anywhere in the world.”

On the 22nd, a ‘special’ marathon event was held at IVEX Hyper Hall in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do, attracting citizens.

At the ‘DRAX Indoor Marathon’ hosted by Korea’s No. 1 fitness brand DRAX, 152 runners poured out their honed skills on the treadmill.

The rules of the game are simple. Participants wait on the treadmill belt assigned to them, and when the start signal rings, the treadmill automatically starts and the speed sync mode is activated.

After that, the speed is automatically changed according to the movement of the athlete. When the target distance for each event is reached, the race automatically ends.

It is a new concept indoor running event where you can feel the ‘taste of a marathon’ with a treadmill, and it contains DRAX’s wind aimed at the happiness of running 365 days a year, regardless of the external environment.

Park Jae-sang, executive director of DRAX, said in an interview with SpotTV News, “In running, changes in the (external) environment have a great impact on physical condition. As the indoor marathon is held indoors, it is not greatly affected by the environment such as weather and ground. The biggest attraction is that he can fully demonstrate his racing ability because he can run.”

The event kicks off on the 22nd, and 152 runners will compete in a total of 7 events for two days. On the first day, men’s and women’s 5km and team 21km events, and on the second day, men’s and women’s 10 and 21km events are held to heat up the stage.

Managing Director Park said, “The indoor marathon using a treadmill is a unique event (in the world) that is difficult to find precedent and has a clear distinction (in the world).” You will be able to feel the sensitivity. You will also be able to get rid of the preconceived notion that marathon training is impossible with a treadmill.”

“The next competition is also scheduled, so we ask for your interest and participation in the future. (Through the Drax Indoor Marathon) I hope that many runners know that (wide) running training including marathon is possible if the treadmill has an excellent technical level. do,” he added.

Contest participants, including Hong Beom-seok, who appeared on Netflix’s entertainment program ‘Physical: 100’ and Ham Yeon-sik, a running coach of ‘Open Care’, a top-three marathon club in Korea, praised the performance of the DRAX treadmill with one voice. 카지노사이트

The world’s first speed sync system that senses a runner’s running intention and automatically adjusts the speed, dual incline system that minimizes rolling left and right even at maximum speed, and a floating deck that reduces the burden on joints by 20 times. It fascinated the heart of Geongak, who enjoyed it.

Managing Director Park said, “DRAX treadmill is a product that integrates our patented technologies such as speed sync, dual incline, and floating deck method.” 22) He expressed his confidence, saying, “This is why we placed extra treadmills at the site so that not only participants but also spectators can experience DRAX treadmills.”

DRAX not only organizes the indoor marathon, but also the ‘DRAX Championship’, a fitness competition. It aims to fulfill its social responsibility as the number one fitness brand in Korea by holding events in various events that receive high scores in terms of planning, prize money, and staff management skills.

“As DRAX is considered the number one fitness brand in Korea, we wish for a healthy life for all citizens. There is no right answer to building a healthy and beautiful body. The philosophy and I always keep my goals in mind.”

“In the second half of the year, we are planning the DRAX Championship, a fitness competition. We are already preparing for the third competition with steady support every year. he said forcefully

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