Samsung Lions’ main gun Kang Min-ho was replaced due to finger pain while batting.

Kang Min-ho started as the designated hitter in the 8th game of the season against Lotte held at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the 28th. With a 1-0 lead, his first sacrifice bunt of the season in the first inning set the stage for an additional score on a sacrifice fly following Jae-il Oh with a chance for 1 company 2nd and 3rd base.바카라사이트

The problem is the second at-bat hit in the 2nd inning 2 out 2nd and 3rd base, which widened the score to 4-1. In 1B2S, Lee In-bok attacked the body with two consecutive two-seams. Bats were eaten in succession. A grounder out on third base following a foul that broke the bat. I felt pain in my right thumb as I missed the thin part of the bat.

In the third at-bat in the fifth inning, he was replaced by Kim Dong-yeop.

A Samsung official explained, “Kang Min-ho felt pain in his right thumb while hitting the ball that was eaten in the second inning, so he changed the player protection car.” Kang Min-ho missed three games due to an injury to his right wrist caused by a foul hit while defending against Kiwoom on the 20th, and returned as a designated hitter against SSG on the 24th. Kang Min-ho, who was forced to participate in the game in an incomplete state, caused concern by leaving the game again due to the ringing while batting.

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