Road FC’s professional debut and 30 million won prize money, ‘Bang and Hook’ final match has been confirmed.

In the 15th episode of the high school fighting audition program ‘Bang and Hook’ produced by Road FC and IHQ, Han Woon-seong (18) defeated Kang Chan-yong (19) to get a ticket to the finals. Jin Seong-hun (19) and Han Un-seong, who won the semi-final match, face each other in the final stage.

Han Woon-seong has a history of losing to Jin Seong-hun. Not intimidated by the defeat, he is analyzing Jin Seong-hoon for revenge.메이저사이트

Regarding the final match, Han Woon-seong said, “I am confident. (Jin Seong-hoon) punches very hard, and I know his grappling is strong, but it’s worth a try.” He emphasized, “I’m not a style that doesn’t get groggy, and it’s not a style that goes out mentally just because it’s strong.”

Jin Seong-hoon overpowered his opponent with overwhelming skills in every match. “The amount of time I exercised before and after preparing for the final was almost the same, and the intensity of the exercise was almost the same,” he said. He continued, “I prepare the same every time as usual,” and he was confident of victory.

The 15th episode of Bang and Hook, which was released on the 5th, can be watched on Road FC’s official YouTube channel and IHQ’s official channel. Episode 16 will be released on the official YouTube channel of Road FC at 6 pm on the 12th.

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