The Samsung Lions, who escaped from 10th place, the lowest place in the KBO League in 50 days, aim to jump up to 8th place in three consecutive matches against SSG Landers from the weekend.

As the match against the Doosan Bears on the 10th was canceled due to rain, Samsung, who finished the midweek series with 1 win and 1 loss, succeeded in getting out of last place as Kiwoom lost in the only match between Lotte and Kiwoom in Gocheok.토토사이트

Samsung, which has been on the rise based on the league’s best hitting feeling in the second half, recently succeeded in chasing down to the bottom of the chin with Kiwoom losing 9 consecutive times. It is.

Samsung, who left Jamsil due to the cancellation of the rain, took the lead in Gocheok with Kiwoom taking the lead and seemed to be far from being in last place.

After falling to 10th place after changing places with the Hanwha Eagles on June 22, Samsung, which had not been able to get out of the league floor even once, was in a situation where the sense of crisis was growing that it could finish the season at the bottom for the first time since its foundation.

Even Suarez, who was not easy to join due to injury, announced a waiver and recruited Widener, who left NC, overcame the selection vacancy and showed a willingness to get out of last place. Samsung achieved the first goal of escaping from 10th place.

There is a lot of league schedule left, but in a situation where the game gap with Doosan, 5th place, which is the right to advance to fall baseball, is more than 9 games, Samsung is looking at a place slightly higher than the current ranking of 9th based on the recent rise of 6 wins and 4 losses. 

In the case of the 8th place Hanwha Eagles, which is located one step up, the recent 1 win, 1 draw and 8 losses show a sluggish situation, and the gap with Samsung is only 1.5 games. Samsung, who has set the Hanwha Eagles as their next target , will play three consecutive away matches in Incheon with SSG Landers, who have

recently been showing a somewhat stagnant appearance, while dreaming of a leap to 8th place this weekend  . While the leader LG showed an upward trend of 8 wins and 2 losses in the last 10 games, the 2nd place SSG only had a win rate of 50% and was 5 games away from the 1st place, while the 2nd place allowed the 3rd place KT Wiz to pursue up to 3 games. In addition, there is also a painful memory of giving away a winning series in the Daegu expedition at the end of last month, which was the confrontation with Samsung right before. Samsung, which showed a relatively equal figure with SSG in the opponent record this season with 5 wins and 7 losses, is aiming for the 8th place with the winning series once again taking advantage of the recent rise and the opponent’s sluggishness. The first game of the weekend’s three-game series, which will be a step toward the leap to 8th place, Samsung announced Ace Buchanan as the starter, and Oh Won-seok will start as the opponent SSG. Meanwhile, Samsung’s next target, 8th place Hanwha, will play a three-game home weekend against Doosan. (Photo courtesy of Samsung Lions)

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