Manny Machado (31‧San Diego) is one of the best third basemen in the league and one of the leaders in San Diego’s clubhouse. He is also the highest paid player in the league.메이저사이트

Machado, who had already built a successful career, hit the jackpot ahead of 2019 when he signed a 10-year, $300 million contract with San Diego. However, just half of them, after the 2023 season, which lasted 5 years, put the right to opt-out (giving up the remaining contract and obtaining FA qualification) in the contract. And Machado recently announced that he would exercise an opt-out after this season.

San Diego needs Machado, and Machado also deserves to pick San Diego as the ideal destination. Because they are very satisfied with each other. But business is business. If you go to the free agent market, there is a possibility that San Diego may not be able to catch it even if it wants to. The prospect that the New York Mets, already backed by the billionaire owner, will jump into the race to sign Machado is dominant.

San Diego is in a situation where it has to consider several scenarios, such as raising the offer for Machado and drawing an infield without Machado. Here, the weight of Kim Ha-seong (28) is bound to increase. It is possible to bring in a third baseman to replace Machado, but this is because Ha-seong Kim is the biggest option available inside.

The whole discussion expands on Ha-seong Kim being a shortstop with good defense. San Diego could put either Zander Bogarts or Ha-Sung Kim at third base if Machado leaves, both of whom are guaranteed to be their starting shortstop this year.

Bogaerts made it clear that he would play shortstop when he moved to San Diego. The club also respected that meaning. However, if Machado leaves, he can move to third base, and that may be the way to maximize Bogatz’s offense. Since Kim Ha-seong’s defense is nothing inferior to Bogatz’s, the club may also think that such a direction is efficient.

In other words, since the future FA market is difficult to predict, it means that as a club, having Kim Ha-seong is much more stable in future plans. The starting pitcher was expected to be the opposite of Kim Ha-seong, but San Diego also put out the urgent fire by recently recruiting Michael Waka. There is no reason to urgently put Kim Ha-seong on the market, who can handle both the starting second baseman, third base and shortstop backup, and is also a club-friendly contract.

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