Seongnam Sujeongcho Heo Jeong-won (172cm, F C)’s father is SK coach Heo Nam-young.

Seongnam Sujeongcho won 50-30 in the 2023 National Youth Harmony Basketball League Gyeongin/Gyeonggi Regional Preliminary Hwaseocho held at the Sangokbukcho Gymnasium in Incheon on the 13th.

Heo Jeong-won, a 6th grader at Seongnam Sujeong Elementary School, recorded 12 points, 11 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals and 4 blocked shots in 29 minutes and 7 seconds. He took advantage of his height to catch a rebound in a narrow gap, and blocked the opponent’s attack with a block shot.

After the game, Heo Jeong-won said, “I didn’t take it lightly just because I had the experience of beating Hwaseocho. I think that as much as we prepared hard, good results followed. I’m happy to win. To be honest, I was a little nervous, but I tried to trust my colleagues.”온라인카지노

When asked what went well and what went wrong, Heo Jeong-won said, “It’s unfortunate that I missed a free throw and couldn’t shoot calmly. Still, I think it was good that I actively participated in the rebound fight. He looked back at himself, saying, “I want to become a more advanced player by making up for what I lack.”

Regarding his role model, Heo Jeong-won said, “Samsung Life Insurance Lee Hae-ran is a player. He is good at breaking through, and he is good at both inside and outside, so I want to be like him. Also, his dad is a role model. He wants to become a great player who surpasses his dad.”

Heo Jeong-won’s father is coach Heo Nam-young, who is in charge of the youth general manager of Seoul SK. Coach Heo Nam-young was a founding member of Dongyang Bakery’s business basketball team and played for Dongyang in Daegu, LG in Changwon, and SK in Seoul. Heo Jung-won said, “I hope that there will be many articles saying that I am better than my father because I became a good player (laughs). He wants to tell Dad he loves him.”

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