Shim Jun-seok (19), who was the biggest high school player in the KBO League rookie draft last year, but chose to challenge the major leagues and signed a contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates, proved his great expectations by confidently settling in the team’s top 30 prospect rankings right after the contract. are doing Right now, it is evaluated that Pittsburgh’s international contract prospects are competing for the first place in the rankings this year.

However, despite the start of the minor league season, Shim Jun-seok has no history of playing, raising the curiosity of many fans. Prior to the minor league season, teams send players to teams appropriate for their level and have them play the season. However, at the time, Pittsburgh announced that Shim would be doing extended camp at the team’s training facility in Bradenton, Florida. It is that it has not yet been decided at which level and which team he will play for this year.

Some local media are reporting that it is the aftermath of an ankle injury. It’s not serious, but there’s a problem on the ankle side, so I couldn’t enter the normal pitching program, so the schedule is being delayed. However, in conclusion, Shim Jun-seok’s ankle does not hurt. Officials say that the reason why the minor league season cannot start right away is not because of physical condition, but because the club has more administrative procedures left. Bullpen pitching is scheduled for the 18th (Korean time) right now.

In fact, Shim Jun-seok is constantly throwing the ball at the club’s training facility. According to an insider familiar with the matter, he alternates between live pitching and bullpen pitching to warm up his shoulders. In recent live pitching, fast balls of up to 98 miles (about 158 ​​km) were measured with a speed gun. In bullpen pitching, the ball came out at the highest 96 miles (154.5 km). This is an impossible figure if your ankle hurts. It’s about the same speed as when I was at my best in high school, or faster in some cases. 먹튀검증

There are times when it’s good in the process of constantly balancing, and there are times when it’s not. However, the coaching staff at the Pittsburgh training facility is working hard on Shim Jun-seok and watching his pitching every time. An official said, “The schedule is going well under the management of the Pittsburgh club. There is no problem with the ankle.” As he is in no hurry anyway, the priority now is to calmly maintain his weapons.

When the process is over, Pittsburgh will designate where Shim Jun-seok will play this year. This is where real American life begins. Internally, depending on the pitching balance in the extension camp, Shim Jun-seok is raising the possibility of skipping the rookie league or graduating early and going to single-A soon. At least three years of minor league life will continue, but Shim Jun-seok is determined to prove himself by going up to the major leagues as soon as possible and choosing a challenge.

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