The player Diego Simeone most wanted to bring was Lee Kang-in. 

Although the summer transfer market has not yet opened, interest in Lee Kang-in, who shows the best performance in La Liga, is explosive. Lee Kang-in, who showed off his outstanding performance as the core of the team in every match, is receiving hot attention from Premier League clubs and La Liga clubs. 

Among them, Atletico Madrid is one of the clubs that have expressed the most active intentions, starting with Lee Kang-in from last winter. 

Local media in Mallorca even reported that Atletico made an offer to recruit Lee Kang-in for 10 million euros (approximately 14.5 billion won) during the winter transfer market, but was rejected

Despite the failure of the winter, it is predicted that Atlético will do their best to sign Lee Kang-in this summer, and the reason is Simeone’s ‘Lee Kang-in love’.

Spanish media Eldesmarque reported on the 12th (Korean time) that “Atletico is a team that can make a lot of moves to strengthen its squad.” 

Eldesmarque said, “Atlético have already started approaching several players. They are keeping an eye on Valencia winger Samuel Reno and Girona native Rodrigo Riquelme. But, undoubtedly, Simeone’s favorite player is Lee Kang-in.” said. 토스카지노

“Lee Kang-in is active in Mallorca with 6 goals and 4 assists. According to the local media, Lee Kang-in will be able to attract a lot of Korean fans,” he added, adding the side effect of Lee Kang-in’s performance and his recruitment. 

Since last month, there have been reports that Simeone approved the signing of Lee Kang-in, and that Atletico will start signing Lee Kang-in. 

However, it is said that Simeone is the player he likes the most, and Atletico is more likely to make more active investments to recruit Lee Kang-in. 

Spanish media Marca also contributed to the opinion. On the 12th, Radio Marca, a radio channel operated by Marca, reported the news of Atlético transfer and said, “Atlético is working on the process of signing Lee Kang-in. Lee Kang-in is Atlético’s priority this summer.” is one of the first things to do, he explained. 

Thanks to Simeone’s interest, attention is being paid to how much transfer fee and weekly wage Atletico will win in competition with Premier League clubs such as Tottenham in the upcoming summer Lee Kang-in recruitment match. 

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