The pre-season friendly match between Tottenham and Leicester City was canceled due to poor ground conditions due to heavy rain. Son Heung-min’s first game in preparation for the new season was also delayed.카지노

Tottenham announced the starting lineup for the pre-season friendly against Leicester City in Bangkok, Thailand at 7:00 pm on the 23rd (Korean time) through the club’s official social media account. However, the match was delayed due to the situation at the stadium at 7 o’clock and was eventually canceled as it was judged to be unplayable.

Originally, the match was scheduled to start at 7:00, but heavy rain poured down in Bangkok, creating several puddles in the stadium. Players pointed out this due to concerns about injuries caused by puddles and the seriousness of the stadium conditions, and in the end, it seems that the game officials canceled the game because they judged that the game could not be played due to the continued rain and the stadium conditions.

After the match was canceled, Tottenham and Leicester players went around the stadium to greet the fans and soothe the hearts of the fans.

Meanwhile, Son Heung-min was included as a starter for the first time in Tottenham’s second friendly match since the start of the 2023 summer pre-season, but unfortunately did not play.

Son Heung-min, Harry Kane, and Dejan Kulusevski were named as the starting lineup attackers, and the midfield was James Madison, Yves Bisuma, and Pierre Emil-Hoivier.

The defense consisted of Destiny Udozi, Ben Davies, Cristian Romero and Pedro Poro, with Guglielmo Vicario looking to keep the net in goal.

Manuel Solomon, Sergio Reguilon, Oliver Skip and Japhet Tanganga, who started in the last match against West Ham, were named as substitutes. Tanguy Ndombele, whom coach Postecoglu evaluated as impressive, was also excluded from the list for this match.

Meanwhile, Son Heung-min received attention as he was completely excluded from the list in the first pre-season match against West Ham. Since arriving in Australia, Son Heung-min has been confirmed to be training at the training ground, and many expected that he would appear in a friendly match, as he signed autographs for Australian fans during Open Training Day, when training was open to fans.

On the 17th, the day before the game, he attended a press conference with coach Postecoglu and even conducted an interview, so the exclusion of Son Heung-min left a bigger question.

Postecoglu coach Postecoglu explained the reason for excluding Son Heung-min after the game, saying, “I have only trained twice,” and explained the reason for his exclusion from the list due to lack of training.

In this game, Son Heung-min was expected to raise his senses by digesting the game with players he would first team up with in Tottenham, such as Madison and Doji Woo, but unfortunately, his teammates are expected to match his teammates next time.

Kane, who recently received a lot of attention due to rumors of a transfer to Bayern Munich, was also scheduled to play a pre-season game once again wearing the captain’s armband, but the game was canceled and he left the field.

Until the last game, Kane seemed to have potential for both Munich transfer and Tottenham retention, but news that he had recently rejected Tottenham’s offer to renew his contract was reported, and the move to Munich became more likely.

If Kane leaves the team after the preseason and heads to Munich, it seems that there will be only a few games left, including this match, where Son Heung-min and Kane can team up, but the Leicester match has been canceled and the number of matches has decreased further.

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