Clear foul. The British media is also continuing to highlight the fact that the referee ignored a situation where a penalty kick (PK) should have been called.카지노

British daily newspaper ‘Express’ highlighted the scene in which Son Heung-min (Tottenham) was tripped by a Saudi defender while penetrating the penalty area during the international soccer match between Korea and Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia) held at Newcastle’s St. James’ Park on the 13th, and referee referee It was reported that this PK declaration was ignored.

Korea took the lead in the 32nd minute of the first half with Cho Kyu-sung’s header, but four minutes later, Son Heung-min took the golden opportunity. After receiving Cho Gyu-sung’s pass, he delved into the right side of the penalty area and fell after being tackled by Hasan Tambakti. Son Heung-min was confident of the PK. However, English Premier League referee Andy Madley, who was in charge of the referee, looked away and continued the game as is.

Son Heung-min, with an absurd expression on his face, protested to referee Madeley. The local broadcast screen also captured the scene of Son Heung-min tripping over Tambakti’s leg and falling.

Also, ‘Korea’s captain appeared to beat the last defender and head for the goal. However, the second Saudi defender (Tambakti) rushed desperately to make the final tackle, and Son Heung-min fell, expecting to receive a PK. But referee Madley added, “Unbelievably, he did not award a PK.”

Another media outlet, ‘The Athletic’, mentioned that the owner of Newcastle United, which uses St. James’ Park as its home stadium, is Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF), and interpreted it as having benefited from the decision on this day, which was in fact a Saudi home game. The media predicted that the home advantage would have been implicit, saying ‘Newcastle is closely linked to the Saudi national team’.

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